The Perfect Guide to Finding the Best Cat Tree for Your Pet

The Perfect Guide to Finding the Best Cat Tree for Your Pet

Your pet has its own needs just like you do for living a comfortable life. Cats are usually very demanding in terms of attention, affection, and entertainment. While you might assume that your pet cat is just an animal and doesn’t need extra fancy things around to play with or pass time, the reality is just the opposite. People who understand their pet’s needs probably never lose it such as when it goes missing etc. When talked about entertainment and attention, the two most important things that cats love to do are scratching and hiding in a small place.

For this purpose, a cat tree is the best suitable option which serves multiple purposes for cat’s comfort. The best cat tree is easy to find as there are loads of options available in the storefront as well as online. However, there are few things to be considered while buying the best cat tree for your pet to ensure a worthy purchase.

What Is A Cat Tree?

A cat tree is basically an artificial structure for cats which serves the purpose of providing comfort to the cat when it wants to scratch itself or hide in the smallest of places that it loves to do. The best cat tree is a long tower type of thing which has multiple steps on which the cat can climb and fulfill its needs for comfort. The cat can play with it or just inside our outside of it considering it as its home. Instead of the toys like balls etc., you can buy your pet a cat tree which is the most suitable accessory for its good time pass.

Why Do Cats Need A Cat Tree?

The cat trees are designed in such a way that it fulfills all the basic needs of the cat including scratching itself on it. Otherwise, the cat will use your house furniture to do it which damages it and also ruins the appearance. Also, cats find a small place to fit in it because they love to do so and the cat tree is just the perfect spot for them as it has small holes in which the cat can make its place and feel comfortable.

Tips to Find the Best Cat Tree

The best cat tree is not very difficult to find. However, it can be made easier with the help of some tips that will help you buy the best cat tree for your pet; some of the tips are mentioned below:

1. The Bedding:

The cat tree that you’re buying for your pet must have a comfortable bedding space for it to sleep in peace. The small holes meant for it to relax should be comfy and not suffocate so that it would enjoy its time in there without wanting to come out.

2. Sufficient area for stretching:

Cats love to stretch on one of it’s their favorite place such as the cat tree then make sure to find the one that has enough space on it for the cat to comfortably stretch without falling down. If the cat doesn’t find the area to be enough for stretching then it will do it on the carpet which you might not like considering the amount of fur that falls from it.

3. The size:

The size of the cat tree should be neither too big nor too small. If too big, the cat will not relate to it as the other house furniture and feel distracted. If too small, it will not suit its big size and the requirements mentioned above.

4. Steps:

Cats love to climb stairs when they’re looking for some action. Not all the cat trees have steps for the cats to climb up. Therefore, when you’re buying a cat tree, make sure that it has some steps which your pet will love.

5. Extra accessories:

Extra accessories such as a hanging place for toys and treats are not necessary but it’s better to buy the one that has it because you don’t purchase a cat free very often.

Things to Consider before Buying A Cat Tree

1. The Design:

The design of the best cat tree matters a lot especially when your pet is a bit demanding when it comes to its comfort and relaxation.

2. Weight:

The cat tree must not be either too heavy or too light. A heavy cat tree is difficult to move and the light one might not bear your cat’s weight and misbalance.

3. Activities:

There should be a couple of activities on the best cat tree for your cat such as a hanging ball or steps to keep it busy.

4. Maintenance-friendly:

The cat tree should be maintenance-friendly and easy to clean.

5. Affordable:

The cat tree should be reasonably priced as its just item for your pet’s entertainment.

The best cat trees have all the above-mentioned qualities and if you’re looking for one then make sure to consider these points to experience a worthy purchase.

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