The intricate process of home decor and why you should pay more attention to it

The intricate process of home decor and why you should pay more attention to it

The only place you can and should really feel yourself is your home. The place of your thoughts, where you express your daily life, your personality, your way of doing and seeing the world should, therefore, shine through from the décor of your home.

That is why home décor is a very important aspect when choosing a home, spaces, the style in which you want to reflect and feel comfortable. The choice of environments, materials, colors, lights and style must satisfy yourself fully, whether you do everything yourself, or if you use an architect or interior designer.

Today you will be given suggestions and tips on how to approach the world of home decor: individual rooms and furnishing styles will be considered, having an eye for those particular-materials and more refined home decor items to give a unique and extremely personal touch to the furnishings of your home.

Why put so much thought into this?

The world of interior design is a very complex world because it must take into account many aspects such as functionality, comfort and aesthetics of spaces.

If you are lucky enough to live environments with large sizes, with multiple levels and with outdoor areas, remember that every single space, even the smallest, must be thought of and designed. You will add value to your home and feel it really yours. The advice is to have a common thread to follow, perhaps helping yourself with a theme that you create or take inspiration from somewhere.

Today, let us talk about the entrance:

The entrance to the house, considered by many, in some ways, out of fashion, represents an introduction of your home and, in part, of your way of being. Although, in many modern homes it is a small space, ignored, or even eliminated, to provide for the decor of the entrance, it denoted, instead, a rare attention to detail and a care of one's space, uncommon.

If it is true that the first impression is the one that counts, the entrance to your house will speak for you. Making it organized, elegant, and functional is one of the most difficult challenges for architects or interior designers, but for this reason it is much more customizable than other environments in the house.
Here are some things you should consider when it comes to decorating the entrance:

  • Avoid making it an anonymous space. It must reflect yourself and the entire style of the house, so you should try to opt for a style and pursue it, as far as possible, for all the different spaces at home. That style will be the theme that others see when they step in your home.;
  • Do not exceed with lights and furnishings, especially, if we have a small space or a unique environment with the living room. The whole thing must of course be balanced and enlightened;
  • Prefer natural light or wall mirrors to give a feeling of breadth. We consider, therefore, the real space available and always consider the idea of container furnishings (drawers, shelves with empty pockets, coat, or a bench);
  • Make the decor of the unique environment natural, in the case of an entrance attached to another space. We use walls and pillars for shelves or coats.

Now, coming to the living room:

A great tip to furnish your living room or living room is the light. The natural light that an interior captures and returns is the key to understanding how to enhance that environment.

If you want to make your living room bright and large, take advantage of the light. You could opt for a white color scale. Moreover, white colour scale will give you a lot more freedom when it comes to adding and experimenting with the other items that you might want to add in your room, like home decor figurines, cushions, vases, etc.

Make sure you compare the various choices that you like and go with the one that you feel suits the theme that you prefer in your house.

Moving on to the bathroom,

Remember that the bedroom represents your essence, more than any other room in the house. The decor of the bedroom must not be limited to rules of etiquette or representation, it simply must be "your place".

Having a clear picture of what you want is already a very good start. Once you choose from the decor styles the mood you identify with the most, you can switch to action.

The internal design, especially of a bedroom, even before the living room or any other area in your house, can make a difference. A walk-in closet, for example, is an element of great functionality and class. If possible, providing a space to make create such a closet is recommended.

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