The ABCs Of Preventing Future Unwanted Pregnancies

The ABCs Of Preventing Future Unwanted Pregnancies

To most women, pregnancy is something worth celebrating as this gives them the extraordinary ability to bring into being, grow, and give birth to another God-given life on this planet. To some, however, the condition of being pregnant is pretty scary as it goes hand in hand with many physical, emotional, and mental changes in women. Regrettably, there are also those who refuse to carry a little soul within them and easily opt for abortion because they are too frightened of the responsibilities that are more than just challenging.

Women, who are dead set on becoming sexually active at an early age, must be well educated on their sexual and reproductive health to reduce the risk of acquiring sexually transmitted infections and prevent unwanted pregnancies. Here are simple but reliable ways to take on so that women will never, not-even-once, have unwanted pregnancies, and resort to abortion.

Abstinence: Free And Matchless

If you’re expecting to live a life with not a single sexually transmitted disease or infection, no side effects, and perpetually safe, then abstinence is the best option there will ever be for you. Abstinence, accordingly, prevents pregnancy as it keeps a man’s semen away from the woman’s vagina, which explains why the sperms cells in the semen are unable to reach the egg cell and lead to pregnancy.

Sexually active couples only use abstinence so women may prevent themselves from getting pregnant during their fertile days. When both men and women say no to sexual intercourse, it does not mean they cannot have good, forever-bound relationships with their partners. Abstaining from sex, for equally important reasons, is a crucial personal choice that must be respected.

Birth Control Can Save The World

Statistics would show that the world population has been rapidly expanding, which worsens people’s problems like the scarcity of resources, the destruction of ecosystems, and the different forms of pollution, and while the population increases the number of unwanted pregnancies, people with HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, and aborted babies also increase. If people receive contraception, then we can save about ninety percent (90%) of child-bearing women and infants from unwanted or high-risk pregnancies, stillbirths, STIs/STDs, and unsafe abortions.

There are different birth control methods to prevent pregnancy, which may work for you but not for other women, and so it is essential to discuss this matter with a trusted gynecologist. If you’re looking for a pill that can prevent ovulation and, of course, pregnancy, go over this Kelnor Coupon and discover how it might suit best.

Counseling Works Miracles

In a world where the number of unwanted pregnancies and abortions are escalating, it is critical to infuse in the minds and hearts of women that pregnancy counseling is essential. Said advice can help women, who have not experienced an unplanned pregnancy or abortion, to decide wisely on matters concerning their sexual and reproductive health.

Pregnancy-related decisions will never be easy but discussing these things with trusted people can help women to reach the best conclusions on their future pregnancies. A pregnancy counselor may be able to provide women with impartial pregnancy options and the best kind of support in making informed decisions. The same type of counseling is highly recommended to sexually active teenagers to provide them with crucial information intended to help improve or maintain their overall health.

Down Right, Feel Right

Outercourse or non-penetrative sex is a sexual activity that excludes sexual penetration or what many consider as anal, vaginal, or oral sex. Outercourse only includes mutual masturbation, cuddling, and kissing, among others. The best thing about outercourse is that it is also a good way of preventing pregnancy and while it’s a preventive method, it can give couples sexual pleasure without the scare of acquiring sexually transmitted infections or diseases. Apart from that, it also intensifies faithfulness and intimacy of couples and allows them to appreciate how good it feels to be touched and felt.


Pregnancy can be an exciting but startling episode in life, especially to women, who are the ones carrying babies in their tummies for nine (9) long months. That is why it is vital for men and women alike to plan ahead of time on how to act responsibly for another life that can alter their lives forever in a blink of an eye. At the same time, they must be emotionally and financially ready, so they deserve to call themselves parents for the first time. In this way, there will be no more abortions resulting from unintended pregnancies, and no more tears left to cry for guilty consciences.

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