Some Astonishing Facts about the Packman Frogs

Some Astonishing Facts about the Packman Frogs

Adopting cats and dogs as pets is a common thing. In many places, rich people adopt horses as pets. Some people like rabbits, fish, and guinea pigs as pets. But, people are going for exotic pets these days. In the USA, the trend of adopting reptiles as pets have become common. Many reptiles or lizards can easily become pets. You do not need to give them a lot of attention. They have simple food habits. Moreover, it is not a financial constraint to raise such pets. Along with the lizards, Packman frogs have become choices for excellent pets. So, before you are thinking about having some exotic pets at home, you need to know some facts about them. Here is a guide to a few interesting facts on the packman frog care.

1. Reasons behind the Name

Packman frogs have derived their name from the Pac-Man arcade character. In our childhood, everyone used to play Pac-man. This was a fun game to play. The main feature of Pac-Man was the big jaw that can swallow almost anything. Packman frog has a similar type of jaw. It has a big jaw that can swallow a large insect easily. They also have the habit of eating almost anything moving in front of it. Since they have largemouth to swallow foods, sometimes they can swallow even the biggest food items than their body size.

2. Original and Other Name

Packman frogs use to be found in the wilds of South America. Hence, they are also known as South American frogs. In South America, different kinds of frogs are found. Hence, it would be confusing to term them as South American frogs. Packman frogs in South America are known as South American Horned Frogs. The reason behind such naming is the presence of horn-like skin flaps on the head. These horns are used for camouflage in the wilds. When they are surrounded by greeneries, it is difficult to find them. These horns look like leaves or stems of the trees. They are mostly found in Brazil’s Amazon Basin. However, it is not unusual to spot them in other places around South America.

3. They Love Freshwater Lakes

Packman frogs are naturally found around freshwater lakes. There are two reasons for staying in such places. First of all, they find plenty of food in such an environment. Around the freshwater lakes, many small insects roam around. Hence, getting food is easy. Secondly, they love to stay in humid conditions. The third reason is reproduction. Female frogs lay eggs in freshwater lakes. From the eggs, the frogs gradually grow. Once they are fully grown, they do not remain good swimmers. Still, they stay around the freshwater lake to find food easily.

4. Amazing Pets

In many American households, Packman frogs can be noted as pets these days. It is incredibly easy to adopt them as pets. You do not have to give a lot of effort to raise them. They have simple eating habits. These beautiful and colorful animals are not at all harmful to anyone. It is fascinating to watch them growing day by day in different phases.

5. Do Not Touch Them with Bare Hands

Human beings have oil in their skin pores. This oil helps our skin to stay moist and glossy. However, the oil is not good for the skin of the packman frog. It can cause reactions to their skin. As a result, their skin texture may get damaged. Oil of human skin can cause irritation for the frogs. Hence, you should not hold them with bare hands. You need to observe them as pets rather than touching them.

6. Sit, Eat and Repeat

Packman frogs spend most of the time of their lifespan in sitting and eating. They like to sit in one place, and then they do not move. They keep retaining their sitting position for long hours unless they are disturbed by anyone or anything. They sit and keep watching things moving around them. They can grab anything that moves in front of them for eating. Small to large insects, they can swallow them within a few seconds even before your eyes blink. Their sticky tongue helps them to eat insects easily.

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