Solar Energy: A Way to Sustainable Energy Sources

Solar Energy: A Way to Sustainable Energy Sources

The world is growing as fast as time is passing. The advent of technology and industrialization requires the source of energy to turn the things in reality. There are varied sources of energy which are naturally available. As such things are growing, the energy consumption and emission rate became higher. The higher consumption of wood, fire, petroleum etc. is becoming the threat for the environment. It has become one of the reasons for the scarcity of energy resources for future. Now the technology comes up with sustainable energy resources, in order to ensure that the future generation does not face an energy crisis.

The recent growth of industries globally, has led to a surge in energy demands. If the energy demands are not met strategically can lead to a severe energy crisis in near future. Electricity is one such form of energy as its scarcity can stop working of commercial, industrial or daily household services. Daily activities, from charging a cell phone to working on a computer, are aided by electricity. Just to make it sure, that your daily activities would not be affected, we are required to use available power resources sustainably and search for inexhaustible sources of energy.

Solar energy: The source of inexhaustible energy

Solar energy is radiant light or heat coming from the sun to surface of the earth. It is curbed using multiple technologies such as Photo Voltaic, solar heating, solar architecture, solar thermal energy, artificial photosynthesis and more.

The solar energy when harnessed properly, has the power to replace all other energy sources that are used globally. One of the main features of solar energy is that it is freely available and does not cause any harm to the climate too.

The PV cells are used to curb the solar energy. When sunlight strikes on the semiconductor's surface of PV cells, it creates an electric field across the layers which causes electricity to flow. To build a solar panel, PV cells are connected in a sequence.

Solar panels: A way to curb energy

Solar panels are one of the effective tools which fulfill the energy requirements. It is most effective in the type of area where maximum sunlight is received, for example, Dubai. It receives maximum sunlight compared to other countries.

The solar panel installation could be effective in commercial and residential complexes. Solar energy can be used in the household, electricity generation, architecture and urban planning, agriculture, horticulture, fuel production and more. Such uses are few examples of solar energy. The time is not far when solar energy will be utilized fully and top the list of renewable energy. Such resources will help to prevent the earth and environment, protect the climate and reduce carbon emission.

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