Social Media is the Best Platform for Brand Engagements in 2020

Social Media is the Best Platform for Brand Engagements in 2020

The marketing strategies have a new waypoint now i.e., Social Media.

Marketing executives are definitely seeking this opportunity because this provides direct interaction with people, marketers will provide a user-friendly interface for a better experience.

Marketers are trying their best to engage consumers. Here in the wake of COVID 19 pandemic engagement standards are changing.

Here are a few odds and evens for marketers to engage consumers

1. Expectations and demand are playing an important role here. There is a gradual change in consumer behaviour at a rate never seen before.

2. Consumers are the ones who navigate marketers for their series of new normals needs. This personalized, empathetic engagement has never been more important.

The prominent thing is to find the best and easy-going ways to deliver the offers or ideas or plans that are very relatable to an individual's own different requirements, expectations and their convenience; which requires really deep insights.

Now, what has made all this easier? Well, one of the answers is Artificial Intelligence "AI". Which is nothing but a computer which has been made capable of processing similar to a human brain? Most importantly the main advantage of this technology is that it has a wide range of applications. It has the capability to enhance n' number of fields and industries.

3. As of now, there is a huge recession in economy due to the pandemic, and with all these crises it is well understood that it is going to take a huge amount of time for recovery and adaptation.

Marketers have a good opportunity to turn the trusted relationship with consumers/ costumer into business values.

As usually now marketers track metrics like customer satisfaction, engagement (digitally) and lifetime customer value to gain a proper view and idea of what’s working and what isn’t across the customer journey.

Social media news is one of the smart ways of engaging customers. When we turn on the TV and goes through the news channels they find that still there’s a corner where they're are not satisfied.

Now marketers have their own way to provide a particular type of content and what important news to share to there engaged customers.

Survey stats says social media is the most noticed channel followed by TV ads. As social media has created a huge impact on everyone, which has now caused a downfall of TV ads in recent years, then comes emails. Social media is ranked on the top because it has the most consumer attention.

As we imagine people neglect emails, but no 53 out of 100 do notice e-mails always or frequently.

Digital channels i.e. video creator platforms have more attention of consumers and in that advertisements play a key role for content creators and consumers, as this helps content creators to generate revenue and consumers to have what they like or what they want.

These make better internet surfing experience, which makes consumer interface friendly. There are different stats for different countries, some of them have more attention in ads then social media and emails.

As this was about the stats, but the factor is, taking into consideration a costumer's interest in brands and how much it values. If you provide a perfect package in this pandemic to consumers.

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