Right Method to Prepare Walls for Painting

Right Method to Prepare Walls for Painting

Preparing the walls before painting them is extremely important to ensure consistency between layers and a professional final look. Paying attention to every small detail of the whole procedure always results in a good painting outcome for your home in Arlington Massachusetts. Hence before you go into the painting job, you need to to prepare the walls.

Here’s how you can do it.

Prepare the surroundings

To achieve the best exterior paint job, remove all the plants and other decorative materials, if any, from vicinity of the walls. Saving your assets from the paint should also be your priority. That way you can save yourself from the exhaustive workout after the paint job.

Similarly, for interior surfaces, remove all the wall decorations and furniture adjacent to the walls. It’s also preferable if you empty out the room.

Walls Cleaning

Walls cleaning is very imperative as the walls need to be completely clean for a perfect for smooth painting. Exterior surface is exposed to sunlight, heat and different weather conditions so they need a thorough pressure wash. The surface should be left to dry completely before painting them to ensure the paint sticks to the surface.

Interior surfaces don’t need rinsing or washing as compared to exterior surfaces. Liquid solution and towel can be used to remove the impurities and dust from the walls.

Removing Peels

It is a very crucial step since it involves smoothing the walls by removing previously applied paint from the exterior and interior walls. The previous paints need to be scrapped off thoroughly.

Base Coating

The base coat and roller brushes conceal the cracks on the wall surfaces. Two coats are enough and these should be thin coats not thick coats. The coats dry earlier this way and not turn into cakey outlook.


The exterior surface is exposed to extreme weather conditions so they need a good primer which prevents them from chemical reactions and moisture effectively. New unpainted walls do not need more than one coat however old painted walls may need two coats of advanced primers. If you feel confused at this step, you can consult a professional to help you get the best exterior paint in Arlington MA so that your house wall painting in Arlington MA is as perfect as possible.

The interior surfaces’ priming depends on the final look you wish for i.e. matte, glossy or rough finish. The looks are then achieved using oil or Acrylic primer for glossy surface or Plasterboard primer for a spongy surface. You should bear this point in mind especially when you are doing new house painting in Arlington MA.

Swatches before final paint

After fully preparing your walls for the paint, do a small swatch test to verify your color selection onto the surface. By small pots of shades to pick the right color after testing them all. Using parallel lines of swatches to compare the colors easily. Paints should always be done in two coats to achieve a premium look.

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