Protect Your Phone with Screen Protector from Damage

Protect Your Phone with Screen Protector from Damage

It is imperative to protect your phone with a screen guard or protector because damage to the original phone screen can be quite expensive. The repair of the damaged screen at times almost cost half of the price of the phone, if not all. It not only helps in guarding the phone against damage but also keeps it free from dirt and scratch. Different types of screen protectors are available in the market, and it is your responsibility to ensure that you purchase the right kind of protector to save the screen from damage.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Protector is available in different types and range, and it is simple and needed to guard your phone with such protectors. The installation process is straightforward, and all you need to do is pull off the screen guard on the surface, push down and peel off the cover on it. Make sure you do not pull up the screen. There are different types of screen protectors ranging from tempered glass to end-to-end glass or privacy glass. You can carefully choose the screen guard type from online stores at cheaper and affordable rates to protect your phone from damage.

iPhone is an expensive phone, and many people even save every single penny to get hold of the phone. A simple scratch or crack on the screen of iPhone ends up costing half the purchase cost, and hence it is almost like purchasing a brand new phone. The iPhone 5c screen protector is dedicatedly designed to impart maximum protection to the iPhone screen and ensure it is resistant to scratched and piling of dust.

When it comes to screen protectors the major issue observed is complications related to its installation. They are not only difficult to install but at times are also installed unevenly which is difficult to rectify. The constant removal and adjustment of the protector leads to entrapment of bubbles and causes insertion of dust particles. This reduces the overall screen clarity. At Simple Snap, the screen protectors are designed with a patented position lock design. The design comes with disposal mold that fits the device correctly. The mold is pushed over the device till it snaps off.

This design helps in the perfect installation of the screen guard and does not require repeated readjustment. Depending on the type of construction and glass used, the price varies, and it is entirely worth it as it protects the screen efficiently. The screen protectors that are purchased from simple snap comes with screen protector plan which means there is a lifetime warranty on it. The best part of making the purchase is a warranty for a lifetime, and it is easy to file a claim in case the screen is broken.

The warranty is available on broken screen as well as for the screens that are cosmetically damaged. You can also purchase the SimpleSnap+ device insurance for the screen protector, and under this, you can easily file a claim if your screen cracked while using the screen protector within one year of warranty. This way not only you can claim for the screen but also for the cracked screen of the phone despite using the protector.

Simple Snap has some of the best screen protectors iPhone 5 with ease of installation, and within seconds even air bubbles can be removed. In case the screen has trapped air bubbles, it can be easily removed with the help of card included and microfiber cloth. The removal of dust is also easy, and all you need to do is peel off the screen protector with the help of the pull tab and remove the dust from the screen using clean cloth. This also enables removal of the dust from the sticky side of the screen protector.

Using the lifetime warranty program is extremely easy and convenient. You can claim for the warranty by simply signing up for an account and providing proof of purchase from Simple Snap. The lifetime warranty ensures that you get the screen protector whenever you claim for with small shipping fee. The warranty process is very convenient as it does not require one to purchase the screen at retail price. You are responsible only for the shipping cost and for brokerage fee for replacing the product in case of the international customer.

No matter how much the manufacturer of your phone boasts about Gorilla Glass or Dragontail but it is highly recommended to guard the phone with a screen protector. The most common type of protectors are either plastic or tempered glass. The tempered glass protectors are better than plastic as it provides better protection and provides better resistant to scratches and sudden fall shocks. The tempered glass is slightly flexible and can bend which makes it perfect. The hardness of the tempered glass is also an essential factor to consider while purchasing the screen protector.

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