Prospecting for Pennies With Door Hanger Advertising

Prospecting for Pennies With Door Hanger Advertising

In this tight economy small business owners are struggling just stay open so finding the best way to advertise has become increasingly important. Pay per click, SEO, The Yellow Pages, shared envelopes, direct mail, door hangers how to proceed what to do? Believe it or not if you do your quest the solution to this question can be simpler than you may think. Obviously you need to have a good website and bring customers but exactly how would you maximize your overall advertising budget? Door hangers Print online at 55printing can and should be considered a big a part of your print advertising strategy. Continue reading and you will find out why.

Shared or as some refer to it (Co-Op) door hanger advertising is a great method for various kinds of smaller businesses to get their marketing message to their local communities without breaking their advertising budget. In many cases, for under three cents per house businesses are able to afford to market to thousands of households monthly instead of just hundreds with junk mail.

Door advertising has been shown in numerous studies to be as much as 40% more efficient than junk mail. Why is this? Well aside from the proven fact that not every junk mail actually makes it to the mailbox (you heard that right mail carriers happen to be recognized to discard or stash the things they say is unimportant spam), people must consider the door hanger while they are in the process of removing it of their door.

Shared door hangers fair even better when rising against shared envelope advertising (you all know the big ones here). 50% of shared envelopes will never be opened but thrown away or recycled. So say you advertise utilizing a shared envelope to 30,000 homes. Out of those 30,000 no more than 15,000 find yourself getting opened. Only about 10,000 get looked through as the others get cherry picked for particular categories. So the bottom line is, when utilizing shared envelopes you only really get 1/3 from the homes that you simply purchase.

With door hanger advertising you get that which you pay for. If you purchase 10,000 homes, you get 10,000 homes. You ask can't door hangers be thrown out before hitting homes much like junk mail? The reply is yes and no. If you do your research and pick the right company each and every door ad that you pay for will reach the doors. With the emergence of new smart phone GPS technology, a great distribution company can be you will get just of advertising that you paid for. So your quest and select wisely and you as well as your company can not only survive but thrive in the current economy. For a company seeking to expand inside their immediate area, no resource offers you the benefits which exist with cheap door hangers. To be able to save you money through production, whilst increasing the efficiency of the marketing scheme, are all benefits which exist primarily with this particular advertising tool. The high cost and waste associated with marketing is a concern that every company must address in order succeed and door hangers printing represents your best resource to overcoming these concerns.

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