Online Diet Consultation & Patient Management Software

Online Diet Consultation & Patient Management Software

Dietitians are the main qualified wellbeing experts that evaluate, analyze and treat dietary and nutritional issues at an individual and more extensive general well-being level.

The role of dietitians in providing inputs for the well-being of clients is undisputable. However, sadly, in the recent years, we have seen more and more emergence of computerized and algorithm generated diet advice - these devices are sent to users through apps or websites.

Generally, Dietitian open their Clinic with a nice board and hope patients reach out to them but what it really work in today’s Digital World? How many patients, visit your clinic per day and what about your earning?

Zest provides a single software for all that the dietitian needs - from client management to creating diet charts, managing payments etc. is one of the best software for Dietitian and Nutritionist: Online Diet Consultant and Patient Management - We help you to share knowledge across the world and as “Life is full of unexpected experience” and somehow, you have not started your Dietitian career or left it.

Or Working in a hospital or at home and having the ambition to help peoples - to live healthy, fit and fine and have expertise in their field and want to start your own clinic so you can choose your specialties as Sports Nutrition, Diabetic, weight loss, Pregnant women and Child Nutrition.

Our Team had designed Software for Dietitian and Nutritionist and add-up features that help them, to get effective results and so on, connected with patients online.

The feature of Software :

1. We provide an online portal(web) for your Clinic with unique URL

2. No Techno-Expert Required: It’s simple, easy software for Dietitian and Nutritionist like using Gmail or Facebook

3. The software has a built-in function: meal nutrition analysis, diet chart, the creation of eating plan and follow-up option, sharing data among Dietitian and Patients

4. Easy Sign up Forum for Patients with the Customizable feature as per Dietitian/ Nutrition choice

5. The software is integrated with fitness tracking apps as Runkeeper and Fitbit
6. Dietitian/Nutritionist can run Group programs and as well share on social media
7. Autoresponder email with easy rules - for health coaches
8. Any time, Anywhere: Dietitian can log in and maintain the profile - whenever they get time and visit their online clinic from any place

9. Online Consulting with Patients: Dietitian can consult with Patients online and track activities whether they are following their advice or not

10. Get queries of Patients on your Facebook Page

The software by ZestMD empowers dietitians with the goodness of technology, while still retaining the power of having a human diet consultation.

There are countless stories that we have gathered over past 5 years of operations, we have dietitians who have leveraged the power of online diet clinic, the software for dieticians and nutritionists. Dieticians who have been running their own diet clinics for many years have benefitted from the software, as well as new dieticians -who may be just starting out or working from home.

Dietitian Neha Ranglani (Chandna) from Mumbai, India is one of the clients of who has been using the Online Diet Consultation Clinic software for over 4 years now. In her interview, she shared how she is addicted to Zest.MD Online diet clinic, and it is now an indispensable part of her diet consultation practice. She has 8 years experience in Food and Health and known as Best Dietician in Mumbai.

Online Clinic software gives wings to your business - “ Reach out to the world and help people to get healthier” and connect with us.

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