Nightlife of Bangkok- Places to Visit in Bangkok at Night

Nightlife of Bangkok- Places to Visit in Bangkok at Night

Bangkok, in its bag, holds one treasure to unfold, The Nightlife of Bangkok!

For all the crazy and peaceful adventures at once, Bangkok fulfills every wish on the list. With the wide range of beaches that provide such bliss and the shopping experiences you’ve had, Bangkok would have already been on your one of the Best Trips.

As soon as the sun sets, you would experience a different yet attractive Bangkok altogether. It provides its Tourists with a wide range of options to go through once the sun sets. From going clubbing to going shopping to sipping drinks to gambling on a muay Thai fight, Bangkok holds the capacity to keep a tourist busy all night long.

Well, here is a list of the most amazing ways to keep yourself entertained and have a memory of a lifetime with the nightlife of Bangkok;

Best Places to Enjoy the Nightlife in Bangkok

#1 Dining and Cruising at Chao Phraya River

If you are planning on utilizing your Night and looking forward to a Peaceful and Wonderful Time, opting for this is just the right Choice.

nighlife of bangkok

Having a Family Dinner or a Romantic Date night with your partner while drifting through chao phraya river and seeing the famous tourist spots like grand Palace and Wat Arun Temple totally lit up is an experience one wouldn't want to miss on an expedition of nightlife in Bangkok City

This trip on the Water helps you to relax yourself or give a break from the chaos or the rush of the most populous city of Thailand, Bangkok..

#2 Shopping After Hours

Go Bonkers at a Bangkok Night market as it offers a wide variety of Products relating to Vintage, Antiques, Fashion and Household. The shopping after dark in Bangkok is considered to be the most Enjoyable and the easiest way to know the Thai Local Life and the Thai Culture. While on a run to these night markets, You’ll see the cultural diversities in many areas like food, clothes, and fashion.

These night Markets helps the tourists to buy mementos for the relatives, friends, and loved ones as they offer an opportunity for humongous bargains.

Nightlife Places in Bangkok for Best Shopping Experience

Bangkok has several Night Markets that a tourist can head to, but the best of them are listed below!

  • Rod Fai Market.

Also known as the “Train Market” this is among the best places to visit in Bangkok at Night. This market is located at Srinakarin Road Soi 51. The reason that makes it Superior to any other market is that one can find items which aren’t available in any other markets.

nightlife in bangkok

This Market is basically divided into 3 sections namely Market Zone, Warehouse Zone, and Rod’s Antique.

In the Warehouse Zone, one can purchase products related to Household, Fashion, Shoes, Or old Electrical Appliances modified especially with a touch of Vintage in them.

In the rod’s Antique zone, as the name says, one can find the antiques like Classic Cars, Motorbikes and what not. No items can be touched as they hold a high value and are rare in nature. Although, snaps of these could be clicked.

The market zone of this Whole market contains around 2000 stalls under it. These shops sell products like Vintage, home appliances. Also, this particular zone holds a big chance of bargaining.

One can easily spend an entertaining night out here shopping and taking advantage of the food stalls set up everywhere and have a wonderful experience.

  • Patpong Market

Patpong Market is One of the Must to visit markets when you want to enjoy the nightlife at Bangkok. It is one of the Busiest and the most chaotic markets in the city due to the Go-Go Bars spread in the nearby areas.

Also, this market is the easiest stop for many travelers as it holds cheap hotels and accommodation arrangements.

These 2 markets are no doubt the best places to visit in Bangkok at night for an amazing shopping experience.

#3 Siam Niramit Show

An amazing stage show of 80 minutes that gives a glimpse of the 700 years of the Siam. Thailand has been a place of rich culture, traditions, and customs. This show just encases the transformations in the culture over time.

The show is held in the Ratchada Theatre that can occupy up to 2000 people and showcases gracious golden fingernail Dance. The sword dance and bamboo dance is one of the main attractions of this show which is a must thing to do during the exploration of the nightlife of Bangkok.

At Siam, you can listen to a “Ranad” or feed the elephants whatever takes your interest. So, when in Siam, one can experience the traditions of the country, the heritage and spend a sensational evening with friends or Family.

#4 Go Clubbing

The nightlife of Bangkok is incomplete without clubbing. Bangkok Has the finest clubs with the best DJ’s where you find Cute creatures lie you on the dance floors sipping drinks and grooving to the rhythm of the song. The clubbing scene here is casual in some clubs whereas some clubs require proper Identification and age proof.

Some of the clubs best rated by the tourists are Levels Club and Lounge which has 3 different party zones. Its sound system is considered to be the best in the city and the neon yellow and pink lights give an amazing ambiance to the place. Its located on the 6th floor of Aloft hotel and is a must visit place to explore the nightlife of Bangkok for singles.

Some other clubs include Grease Nightclub which has four vibrant floors and plays Dubstep and Drum and bass. This club holds the amazing dance floor and also has a shisha bar if you are looking up to a sheik kind of experience.

#5 LadyBoy Shows

The ladyboy shows are the main attraction for the tourists as it promises them a fine evening filled with humor and entertainment. These shows are performed by fabulous dancers and provide with sufficient glitz, glamour, and humor in one night.

Some of the Ladyboy shows which must be visited during the night at Bangkok are;

  • Calypso Cabaret

Located at Asiatic shopping Village, this place offers Thai Classical, Chinese ballads and Broadway style shows with a least of 2 performances every night.

  • Play House Cabaret

This particular cabaret is preferred by tourists as it showcases 10 different acts in a time span of 1 hour 15 minutes. It offers its viewers with brilliant performances sprinkled with a touch of humor by the comedy compere.

#6 Go-Go Bars

To feed your Notorious side, a tourist can head to the Go-Go bars in the city. These go-go bars function from after dark to late at night. From having a friendly conversation with the opposite sex to fulfilling your desires, these bars are the center of attraction for the tourists looking forward to extreme experiences.

These go go bars are found in Soi Cowboy in Asok, Nana Plaza and Soi Patpong in Silom. Go-Go Bars are the best to enjoy the nightlife of Bangkok for single travelers!

#7 Muay Thai Boxing Fight

In Thailand, and haven’t seen a Muay Thai fight.? Well, the trip is not completed without this.

Looking forward to gamble and searching one, well, this is the only field where gambling is legal in Thailand. One can locate these fights in the Ratchadamnoen stadium or Lumpinee Stadium.

Apart from these, a tourist can either head for classy jazz evenings at saxophone pub or the Bamboo Bar or either he/she could take the Night tuk-tuk safari.

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