Medical Yoga Exercise for Back Pain- Treatment without Medication

Medical Yoga Exercise for Back Pain- Treatment without Medication

Back pain is a very common problem throughout the world and India too is not an exception. The number of patients reporting for back pain is increasing fast; thanks to medical yoga, we have medication-free treatment. Back pain treatment with medication is convenient but it delivers some side effects also in one form or the other. And moreover, it is not a permanent solution. Regular yoga exercise for back pain is a sure shot way to stay comfortable on different poses that you take all day.

Before coming straight on the yoga exercises for back pain, it is important to understand the responsible factors. The most common found reasons for back pain includes high heels, cold temperatures, long drives, weakness, prolonged standing, jerk to spine and lifting of heavyweights, etc. Just check your living style and working habits to find out the possible reason. To regain strength and to correct the anatomical loss, there can't be anything better than making yoga exercises for back pain a daily routine.

Simplified Medical Yoga Asanas To Treat Back Pain:

Medical Yoga therapies suggest special sequences of simplified asanas after analyzing the diagnostic reports, symptoms, physical capability and probable causes. The more practiced asanas for back pain are Katibandh asana, Forward & Lateral Stretch, Vipreet Karni, and Urdhav Hast asana. Use of props extends the comfort during the asanas and practitioners feel high in confidence. The course is designed for two prime objectives: regaining the lost strength and pain relief. Just after few days of regular practicing, the patient starts experiencing the benefits:

Relaxed muscles of lower back
Release of disc compression because of Katibandh asana
Relief in muscular spasm
Improved muscular balance
Healthy spine in general
Improved Lower-back deformity …..

How to Maximize the Gains of Yoga Exercise for Back Pain:

The benefits of practicing yoga exercise for back pain daily can be elevated as much as you desire. This wish gets power from your personal experience; and, you would do like the thousands of others. Asanas for stress management can also be clubbed up with the yoga exercises to treat back pain. Yes, the ultimate satisfaction and experience depend upon following the correct manner for yoga practice. You might have access to some online guides or yoga magazines; these sources may be a great tool for information and coming through the personal experiences of others but these can't be the substitute for medical yoga teacher who interprets specific problem, particular requirement n personal capacity before recommending the comprehensive course of yoga exercises for back pain. Whatsoever you do at the yoga center, it is monitored by the experts. The corrections in postures are made for accurate and safe results, so, you feel better with every passing day; and, it is the power of Medical Yoga.

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