Learn What Makes Odoo The Best E-commerce Platform in Under 3 Minutes

Learn What Makes Odoo The Best E-commerce Platform in Under 3 Minutes

An e-commerce store is, after all, a store. When you are walking down a street full of shops that sell clothes, which one are you most likely to go into? Which is the shop that you choose to spend your money at when more than 3 look the same and seem to sell the same clothes? There are companies that sell the same designs at a number of stores, but you can go to only one of them. And according to your taste and experience, you pick one store and you keep choosing it over any other shop. Ever wondered why that is?

It is because you went to all of them and your experience at one, was superior to the others. The products were displayed better, the decor was both efficient and pleasing to look at, the prices were comparatively lower and several other factors.

The thing you have to understand is that all of this also applies to a virtual store. As a customer, when you go on to a website to shop, you want it to cater to all your needs. The virtual store, just like a brick and mortar one, is, after all basically made of the same things. A set framework that makes it possible to have a selling and purchasing ability. So the question remains the same. Why do customers go for that one web store to make all their purchases?

The answer to all this is customization.

A web store that appeals to the masses is one that has the most benefits. And when a customer encounters those benefits, all of their needs are fulfilled and that makes them want to stick to the brand. Even if it comes to paying a dollar or more than the market price, the customer will come back because their preferred store lets them have a little more control over how they pay, or how they want the product delivered among many other things.

As an owner of a web store, your long term goal should be to retain your loyal customers, rather than have a fluctuating relationship with many of them.

When you set out to make an e-store, you can pick from the options available for online store platforms. And you have to make sure to pick one that will give you the freedom to customize your store according to your requirements.

That’s where Odoo comes in.

Odoo is one of the top-notch e-commerce platforms that fits like a glove with various industries because of the customization it offers.

Other reasons why Odoo is the first choice of many e-commerce store owners:

  • Open source & License Free
  • Cost effective and Creative Freedom
  • Quick Implementation
  • Single software covering all business needs

But still, the major reason to pick Odoo over other e-commerce stores is the liberty of customization it comes with.

Odoo customization will give your e-store a fresh, personal look and feel, as well as enhance it multifold ways. Your customers will keep coming back for more as long as you maintain the standard of your products and services along with their interaction with your brand.

Odoo customization is not some niche practice either. A simple web search will give you plenty of options for Odoo developers. Of course, as you would with anything that you invest in, it is necessary to know if they are genuine Odoo developers and if they will be able to handle the customization that you want for your store. A simple way to check that is to see if they are Odoo Ready partners. If they are then they are the most qualified to handle any challenges that the development process can have.

The process to follow after choosing the right Odoo Developers:

  • Define your store parameters.
  • Explore the Odoo platform to figure out what boxes you can tick off from your list of requirements and check with your Odoo developers.
  • Selecting an Odoo theme, extensions, and apps to fit with your website.

Once you’ve done the necessary research & have decided all of the above things, you will have to ask your Odoo developers to develop & customize your store accordingly.

If all those things are possible by them, then know that you are getting the best value for your buck; and, at the end of the day what you get in terms of how much you pay for it, is a major factor in determining the success of you as a businessman.

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