Know More about Different Types of Wood Flooring Textures

Know More about Different Types of Wood Flooring Textures

The best thing about wood floorings is its texture. Whether you opt for Engineered Oak Flooring or solid wood flooring, a real wood is an amazing and greatly fascinating material. There are several reasons to choose and install wood flooring in your home but one of the most important factors is the exciting texture it brings to your space. Herringbone Flooring is also one of the most popular flooring materials for long lasting floors. It looks very attractive that you can keep looking at it for hours.

So let’s discuss about different textures that wood flooring offers!

  • Handscraped Wood Flooring

This type of wooden floors feature ingrained, long scrapes and have high variation in between the planks. This gives handcrafted attribute to each plank which ultimately makes them look rare and unique.

Handscraped flooring brings out an expensive and timeless look which makes it an ideal option for more established and younger homeowners. For a really finished look that will add value to your space, handscraped is an ideal flooring option that is guaranteed to look young for years.

  • Wirebrushed

Wirebrushed gives exposed wood appearance on surface. This look comes from the subtle yet intended wire type scratches. Moreover these scratches are smoother and more consistent than distressed and handscraped flooring.

People are loving this imperfection look as it adds character to any space without giving an unfinished look. Plus it helps in hiding scratches that eventually happens due to daily wear and tear if you skip regular maintenance and cleaning. Having said that, Wirebrushed oak flooring will be a great option for kitchen due to its ability to disguise messes and dirt.

  • Distressed

Distressed flooring are a lot dramatic. They are often mistaken for handscraped and look as if they have gone through a lot of abrasion. Distressed flooring have an antique appearance because of the knots, scrapes, wormholes, burns, etc.

If you want to identify the differences between distressed and other types of flooring textures, jean analogy is the best way to differentiate. Wirebrushed floors, for example are like your pair of everyday jeans. They do not scream distinctiveness, there are not many things that segregate them or make them unique, they’re quite average. Whereas distressed floors are like your special pair of jeans! Something that always makes you stand out in the crowd.

  • Oiled Wood Flooring

Oiled flooring is an ideal option if you are looking for natural finish for your home. This finish provides an ultimate matte and natural look. Also it requires high maintenance regularly than several other flooring textures.

Moreover it allows the wood colour to deepen with time and makes your flooring look even better over the years.

To wrap it up, when it comes to textured flooring there are no lack of choices! Now as you know about different types of herringbone flooring options, as it can change any contemporary or traditional space instantly. Choose one that best suits your preferences and requirements and get ready to show it off to your visitors.

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