Keep Your Home Safe from Electricity

Keep Your Home Safe from Electricity

Electricity can bright your day and lighten up a night. It makes your daily routines convenient and fulfill your needs. But it can be dangerous too if it's not handled with proper precautions. Taking safety and precautions are essential when using electricity and electric appliances. We need to follow ground rules and no compromise can be tolerated over it. Guidelines and safe handling will help you when you work with electricity. Let's start with the guidelines and precautions,

Never use electrical appliances with damaged cords, improper insulation, and frayed & broken plugs as it can give you an electric shock or burn the whole electricity supply of your place.

Always wear flip flops or sleepers and keep yourself away from earthing, because the current flow from body and cross from your feet and generate a flow of electricity in contact with the earth.

Whenever you are working with electricity, keep yourself away from water. Keep your hands dry when you repair electric circuit and never be in touch with wet hands because water is a good conductor of electricity and current conductivity increases.

While repairing always switched off the main switch, always use insulated tools and gloves while working at home or any place. Always put a notice board on the main switch board so nobody can turn it on accidently.

Always wear safety suit, goggles, and insulated gloves and keep dry wooden stem nearby your side, so in case if you get in contact with electricity someone can instantly move you away using wood.

Be attentive and observant of the risk signs like "shock risk", and follow the safety rules electrical hazards include unguarded electrical equipment which is unexpectedly energized.

When you work on any receptacle, never use a metallic ladder because metals are the great conductor of electricity, instead of it choose fiberglass or wooden ladder to keep you safe.

Before repairing any equipment always use a tester to check whether the equipment is energized or not. It should be de-energized. Before starting the work check wires, other hanging wires and service Panel outer metallic covering. You can use electrical tester too.

Always check ground fault circuit interrupter in a month as they avoid electrical hazards and shocks. While working with underground cabling, envelope the cable with damp soil is a good conductor for it.

Use fuses and circuit breakers as such devices protect you and automatically disconnects a live wire. These guidelines will help you to protect from electricity and any accidental incident.

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