How To Perfectly Stage Your House For Q Quick Sell

How To Perfectly Stage Your House For Q Quick Sell

Staging the house for a buyer’s visit is one of the most important steps during the house selling process. A house is one of the biggest assists you have in the world and you need to do certain steps to quickly sell the house at the highest rate. The staging is optional but if you want to get a good price for the house, you need to make sure the potential buyers see the positive points in the house. The potential buyers are planning to fulfill their dreams and improve their lifestyle, so you need to make sure that you help them realize that your house is worth thousands of dollars. Almost, all the Keller Williams Agents in Cherry Creek CO emphasize on staging the house for the buyers. Here are some tips that will help you to stage the house perfectly.

Clean the House:

The potential buyers will like to see the appliances and the furniture that comes with the house. You need to make sure that you rub that spaghetti sauce from the kitchen and clean the house thoroughly so that the buyer can see the real beauty of the house. Do not get lazy in cleaning the house and take professional help if needed.


When the buyer will enter the cluttered house, they will not be able to see the home’s features. On top of that, they will also think that the house does not have enough storage space. Put all the unnecessary things in the closet and hide them from plain sight.


The potential buyer will need to imagine themselves in the house. So, you need to make sure that you remove all the family photos and refrigerator art from the house. Hide all the toys and all the personal belongings that highlight the current inhabitants of the house.

Remove Odors

You need to make sure that the house is free from all kinds of odors. From kids to pets and the smell of last night’s dinner. You can light up some scented candles in the house to give your house a clean and fresh look.


The old wallpaper might be the turning point of the entire real estate deal. A good practice is to remove all wallpapers from the house and apply the fresh paint when you are listing the house on the market. Use the light and warm colors as they give an inviting look.


You need to make sure that you take advantage of the natural lighting in the house. Open all the curtains and blinds in the house and add additional light where needed. All the outdated and broken lights need to be fixed as well.


Furniture which is too big for the room will give a bad feeling and it will look as the room has no space for walking. You need to make sure that you sweep the house and adjust all the furniture in the house.

It is advised that you take professional help when you are staging the house. Look for Keller Williams Best Agent in Cherry Creek CO and use professional help to sell the house at a premium price.

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