How to Include Special Characters in Posts for WordPress

How to Include Special Characters in Posts for WordPress

Did you ever notice how other company’s website based on corporate WordPress theme has too many special characters in their WordPress? A simple way to get all these special characters is by adding them to your WordPress platform. This is done because these special characters are naturally found in the WordPress visual editor. Plus it gives you an abundance of opportunities to enhance the editing experience.

These visual editors also give you and control to integrate mathematical symbols and special characters too n WordPress. This process is very handy in nature, but depending on your requirements for creating a new website.

Special Characters and Symbols in WordPress

In this article, we will discuss how to add special characters to your WordPress post and pages.

  • Through HTML Entity Code add special Characters

When you start writing the post for a blog it will get converted into HTML format. HTML is the hypertext markup language that is used by most of the websites. HTML is inherited with the HTML entities. HTML entities are actually special codes that can be used with HTML to showcase arrows, characters, symbols, and more.

These HTML entities help you to add special characters in HTML. These entities are visible in keyboard layouts.

For example

To showcase it you can use HTML entity code i.e. ™ to add the trademark symbol.

In the same way in your code you can use © to add the copyright © symbol.

Every entity starts with the & sign and ends with ; semicolon.

Once adding the HTML entity to your post editor it will not convert right away into the character. You need to publish the post and then need to preview that particular post to check the changes. You will notice that the post will have a special character rather than the HTML entity code.

  • A Plugin to add Special Characters in WordPress

On a regular basis if you want to add this special symbol and characters to your website based on corporate WordPress theme then you will notice that adding an HTML entity would not work well so you must start using the plugin. To add special symbols with plugins you need to install some powerful tools that will make your request possible.

In the WordPress dashboard search or insert special character plugin and install it. After installing activate the plugin. You can also find a guide online to install and activate such a WordPress plugin. Once activating you have to edit the page or a post where you want to add special characters. In the paragraph block, in the block toolbar, you will find the drop-down arrow, click on it and pick the option "special characters'.

This will showcase the pack of special characters. Simply choose any character that you wish to add and click on insert button into the editor.

  • Adding Special Characters in Old WordPress Editor

In WordPress, if you are still on old classic editor then you must follow these steps to add special characters on blog posts. First of all click on the button named the kitchen sink button. By clicking on this button the row o formatting will get expand and the option "special character button" will be visible.

By clicking on the special character button one popup window will get appear. The window will have some listed special characters that are commonly used including trademark symbol, copyright, currency, and mathematical symbol and sign. This method will be helpful only if you are using the old editor in WYSIWYG mode.

If you are on text-mode then you need to jump on visual editor r or you can make use of the first method to add special character i.e. HTML entities.


The main steps for adding special characters on your blog post and pages are mentioned above. Hope this article will be helpful for you.

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