How to Improve your Online Store by Improving the Customer Experience

How to Improve your Online Store by Improving the Customer Experience


Online stores are the name of the game in the domain of Information Technology. And customer experience is something that many of the Companies fail to focus their attention to. It is great to use eCommerce Wordpress themes for designing a brand-new online store, but without the essentials like streamlined customer experience, you would be a sitting duck in the ocean.

It is essential that online store owners must work harder and smarter, to get the best of both worlds. The domain is constantly evolving with time, and it is becoming more customer-oriented than anything else. The following section will show some of the steps on how to improve this gradually because this is what will get you the required conversions to you in the future.

Upgrading Customer Experience for Online Store Improvement

It is not all about the eCommerce Wordpress themes, it is also about radical improvisation in the online store experience. Let us take a look at some of the points with respect to improving the customer experience.

1. Do it on a personal level

Whenever a customer visits your online store, do you want them to feel that it’s just another day at the store, or do you want them to feel a bit valued? An alternative can be applied to connect with your customers on a level that is personal. By this we mean, you can use cookies to recall their login credentials, presenting them some wish list options, giving them the items that have been viewed recently by them, and even sending birthday postcards. This ensures that these customers would want to shop with you again and again.

2. Give them ample amount of contact options

Offering your customers only one type of customer support for example email might result in you losing them than gaining them. Since technology is changing everyday customers expect their stores to be more tech savvier, customer experience, therefore, needs to be 100% and should utilize all the possible hemispheres available.

Online stores can think about providing some savvier measures to the customers, some of the examples include,

  • Chatbots for solving some simple queries.
  • Email inbox that is responsive within 24 hours of query posting.
  • Usage of social media like Facebook and Twitter to enable inbox messaging or tweets/posts.

3. Give them product information that looks and sounds good

Assume that there is a product available on the online store that has been put up for sale. The information provided on it, the product itself and the pricing would determine whether this will be brought by the customers or not. If the information is incorrect, you will witness a massive sales drop, and the popularity of your online store would be in jeopardy as well. If the reach of your online store is massive, then you cannot afford to make stupid mistakes like these.

4. Listen to the customers

When it comes to developing your online store, and updating the product list or any other factor, it is important that you listen to the customers. Whenever any product review is given, it is mandatory that you take heed of it, because they can result in positive conversions. Some of the popular researches concerning customer reviews are as follows,

  • Over 90% of the consumers read the reviews every time.
  • Close to 40% of the consumers would make an opinion by reading the reviews.
  • Over 60% of the consumers would choose an online store that has a maximum number of reviews.


The factors mentioned above gives you a comprehensive detailing on how the customer experience plays a vital role in improving the online stores. With time, online stores would need to take this factor into consideration and work on it accordingly.

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