How To Figure Out Your Target MBA Program?

How To Figure Out Your Target MBA Program?

What makes a PGDM college better than others? What is the MBA college in Delhi that has most students applying there? The answers could be many to these questions. But one of the most common answers is the MBA program that one wants to major in.

Beyond how reputed a school is, and how well it is ranked, it is the subject that a candidate wants to target that makes the choice of b-school for them. So then, what is a really right way to make the decision to follow one of the many specializations that the b-schools in the country today offer? We’ll take a look here.

The Fixed Curriculum in the First Year

The first year is common for everyone where students get to learn about various subjects - no one field in particular, though. Your career choices in the past, the subjects that you’ve graduated or have a postgraduate in, your current interests, and how you perceive your future to be - all these things will help you choose the right option. One of the biggest advantages of such a system in the way students from all sorts of backgrounds and differing viewpoints share the experience of studying the same subjects, getting a fantastic exposure of ideas, therefore.

This is the year that helps students build a strong foundation. These are the days when they learn about every different field, which helps them bust many myths that they used to believe earlier. This when say, a PGDM college student learns how Finance is probably not their cup of tea as they’re more inclined towards Marketing, or an MBA student from Pune with an IT background develops an interest in Human Resources management.

The fixed curriculum in the first year basically helps a student to come up with all the right reasons, rather than mere speculation on what subjects should they get a major and a minor in.

Before You Do, Your Career Might Decide For You

Though this might be a little-skewed way of choosing your target program for MBA, it is probably one of the more practical ways too. Most of the students at any PGDM college, Pune, Delhi, and such other major Indian cities are only looking to get a well-paying job, preferably at one of those big multinational companies.

So then, rather than thinking which subject would be a good fit for you, you might want to think which subject seems to be a good fit for the market when you’re passing out. Your faculty members, and even more so, your alumni could help you with the same. The other way that your alumni could help you is by you looking at their success rates after they started their career on finishing their b-school.

Program Culture and B-School Experience

Not many students do this, but there are some who look at the MBA program’s culture in various schools, and that is what influences them to attend that particular business school.

Maybe there’s a foreign exchange program that the school has or some kind of experiential learning opportunities that you know you could get there, or maybe the alumni interaction are known to have better results here than other schools, or something else of the whole b-school culture that catches the attention of applicants.

That’s like not just thinking of the far future, your career, etc. - it’s also being cognizant of the time you’d be spending at the b-school. Such students want to make sure that their PGDM college experience is as best as they can make it. That’s a smart decision too.

What’s The Bottom Line?

After spending hours and hours of hard work to clear the MBA or PGDM entrance exams, you could either have a clear winner in your mind or you could find yourself at the crossroads of doubt and confusion. Finding the right target program could be a long journey, but with adequate research especially before you get your exam results you can give yourself a good head start.

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