How to Buy A Bird watching Binoculars

How to Buy A Bird watching Binoculars

Finding time to observe nature and its scenic beauty is quite pleasing. Like this, there are many people of different ages who love to watch beautiful birds. Even it’s a great hobby to watch birds and they travel all around the world hoping to get a glance of particular species. They are researchers, scholars, nature & wild life lovers, scientists, and people like me. But you need quality binoculars as well as professional cameras to capture their beauty.

Having a great pair of binoculars will not only help you to spot birds but also help you identify new species & keep you informed about close details. You can even spot new species and find rare species with the help of high tech binoculars. When you are looking to have a bird watching binocular then you should consider different things before buying bird watching binoculars. Every bird watching binoculars should combine three features, these are:


You can get a sharp quality and detailed image of specific bird or object with the help of bird watching binoculars. It plays an important role when you are watching a bird from fifteen feet or less distance. The best binoculars are the ones with minimum close focus that allows you to watch a clear image of the object along with a central focus. It is essential to have central focus because birds do not stay still they are always in the moving position. Central focus feature will allow you to turn the focus smoothly with the help of index finger.


When you are going to buy a binocular then make sure to check its magnification that should be 10X, 8X, or 7X. There’s a simple rule, “the higher magnification the closer view you’ll have”. But there’s a disadvantage with higher magnification, you’ll get the narrower view. It is good to choose middle range of magnification, for example 8X magnification.

Objective lens diameter

It is the most important part of the binocular from where light enters to the binocular. You should select a big lens so it will let enter more light and make bird’s color look brighter & vibrant. But big lenses are heavy and uneasy to carry.

When you buy binoculars consider these factors and make sure binocular is technologically advanced. These bird watching binoculars can cost you much. So have a check on your budget too.

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