How Technological Trends are Affecting Mobile App Development?

How Technological Trends are Affecting Mobile App Development?

Nowadays, Smartphones are not just connecting the people but are powered with a hood of a personal computer. For various online buyers, email transactions, digital payments, data transfer and various another day to day activities, people now individually trust on smartphones. This is the reason why mobile apps are getting indispensable in the mobile phone segment. Rather than logging with the help of browsers, a fast and smoother application makes the work simpler to do.

Android becomes a dominant operating system among all. Android mobile consists 77% of total smartphone segment in the USA. And this is the reason why application development companies in USA are increasing every day. But, the role of the developers is a bit critical. With the change or development in technology, developing android app is now easier to develop then used to be in the past. But they also come with various limitations to tackle. Technology is smartly changing the role of the android app developers across the globe.

The always growing app market:
Android smartphones are now offered at affordable prices. So, some android users and getting an increase every day. There are various aspects of Android that are initiating the users in various ways like android thing insist in migrating to IOT and android auto integrate smartphones to the car to access the mobile phone in a car.

Technological trends affecting app development:

1. App is crucial:
Various businesses see mobile apps as a key marketing tool. This adds value to the mobile application. The business that utilizes full working capabilities of Android application can see high growth in revenue. This ultimately improves the scope to create android app.

2. Role of MEAP:
For managing the cross-platform app, Mobile enterprise application platform play a major role. This initiate android app developers to efficiently develop and deploy mobile applications. This makes android app developer develop the apps that are constant among numerous device including smartphones, tabs and more.

3. Android instant apps:
Mobile apps are good because they work smoother and offer a highly interactive interface. Mobile websites are better as one doesn't need to bear the installation time associated with these apps. What if one can adjoin the goodness of both the segment? That's what instant android apps can deliver- blending with an array of web and native apps. This can help in making the app easier to use. To lower down the API size for faster and safe download, few changes are required from developers.

4. Integrating the latest technology:
AR-based apps that incorporate artificial intelligence will be in trend in upcoming years. Android app developers must be updated and could be able to use these technologies updating the apps better; these apps are more useful with the wearable.

5. Android things and IOT:
Google Brillo, the OS launched by Google along with android core but has little difference in the aspect of development, got updated and came with Android things. Focusing on java based development, this toolkit help in app development for IoT devices.

6. Firebase, for high-quality apps:
With high flexibility, Firebase is the answer for developers' need and the requirement for developing high-quality apps that work seamlessly on various platforms. Firebase also comes with handy app analytics.

7. Google fabric now:
To properly look upon the needs of analytics efficiently, Google has acquired fabric. The app developer platform is now integrated along with Google for crash reporting. This is pretty much useful for the android app developer to look upon the analytics with the assistance of fabric.

Technology has developed bright scope in the market for the Android developers, which resulted in tough competition for the developers to look upon. We at panacea InfoTech, offers best in class android mobile app development as we have experienced developers who can develop android apps as per need and requirement of the business. For more info drop us a mail at

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