How far apart should bollards be placed?

How far apart should bollards be placed?

Safety is the utmost necessity of life. Mishaps and accidents are a part of life. They can’t be omitted from life but can be prevented. Bollards guard products are the solution to so many safety problems. Steel pipe Bollards provide security, traffic control and also decoration

Bollards are made to protect pedestrians, buildings and your personal premises from any type of vehicles and heavy-duty forklifts. Bollards are used in multiple walks ways, factories, industries, bank and storefront. Bollards serve multiple purposes, among which the safety of the pedestrians in the most important purpose. Ever notice that steel pipes or large concrete things in front of industries, warehouses, banks etc. Those are pipe bollard used to prevent any vehicle from smashing into your premises and destroying so many precious lives. Bollards are built in such a manner that it can bear the damaging effect of any kind of vehicle. There are multiple types of bollards which serve multiple purposes. There are different types of bollards to be placed in front of stores, banks, restaurants, ATMs etc. and different bollards to be placed inside the factories to protect the machinery.

Types of bollards

Following are the types of Bollards available in the market. There are many types of bollards available but I have listed down some of the most common bollards.

Concrete or Fixed or permanent Bollards

As the name specifies Fixed or Permanent bollards, these are the fixed bollards that are commonly seen in front of the store's banks. They got their name because how these bollards are installed: these are completely embedded in the ground. These bollards can be made of concrete, steel, wood or any other material. The security of this type of bollard is also a little ahead in providing security as compared to the other types because fixed bollards are embedded into the ground. The depth to which fixed bollards are embedded into the ground and material of the bollard does have an impact on the security of this bollard. The best application of fixed bollards is parking lots and ATMs etc. For such time of area, permanent bollards are an easy and cost-efficient solution to have security.

Automatic Bollards

Automatic Bollards are usually made of steel or other strong metal. Automatic bollards serve the same purpose as of the fixed bollards. One edge over the fixed bollards, these bollards can be automatically raised and removed. These have hydraulics motors and electronic pistons to push or pull bollards into the cylinder. These are frequently over highways, parking tolls etc.

Manual Bollards

One difference between the manual bollard and automatic bollards is that automatic bollards contain motors and hydraulics motors to push and pull bollards into the cylinder, whereas in the manual bollards, you can pull out the bollard manually (with the help of hands). More or less automatic and manual bollards are used for the same purposes. Both are used to selectively control the access of vehicles in a particular area.

Decorative Bollards

Until now only plain bollards were explained, which only serve the purpose of safety. But there is another type of bollards that not only serve the safety but also enhance the visual appearance of any architecture too. Decorative bollards are available in multiple materials and also in multiple colors according to your preferences, you can check multi colors at window shades. Many buildings have these bollards in front of them, these provide the necessary safety and also enhance the beauty of the architecture.

Removable Bollards

These bollards are removable and can be locked down to the ground. These are also made from heavy-security steel, which provides maximum security.

The core purpose of all kinds bollards is to prevent vehicles from entering your restricted premises or to safeguard lives. These bollards should be placed according to your requirements where you are planning to place bollards. If you are planning to install the bollard on road or in front of your warehouse or industry easily available at, you are probably planning to safeguards your premises from vehicles. The average front of a vehicle is approximately 1.6 meters, so you should place your bollard less than 1.5 meters far to each other. This helps you fulfill your purpose.

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