Everyone makes mistakes, regardless of age – but here are eight mistakes you should make in your 20s before life catches up with you.

Everyone makes mistakes, regardless of age – but here are eight mistakes you should make in your 20s before life catches up with you.

Society will always tell you that you should never make mistakes, especially in your 20s. They constantly remind you that the choices you make will determine your future progress, especially at this stage – more than any other decade in your life. This puts unnecessary pressure on you when you see that life is not working out as you were hoping it would.

However, contrary to popular opinion, your 20s are in fact the best time for you to make mistakes, regardless of what you have been told all your life. When you view mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow as a person, the fear of life stops appearing in your mind. You have fewer life responsibilities, and that allows you to start over at an easier rate than most people. Here are some learning experiences you should go through in this decade.

Getting drunk (at least occasionally)

Your twenties are a time of exploration, and they are also the decade when you learn your limits. You may act foolish in the heat of the moment, but it is easier to experience it with your close friends instead of embarrassing yourself in front of business associates later.

In spite of this, make sure that you have a safe way home on these days, or make sure there is at least one sober friend that is willing to take care of you for that duration. Just do not be careless with your safety, and do not become an alcoholic – you may just end up an addict at NE drug and alcohol treatment facilities – not a good option.

Trusting the wrong person

Sometimes, you need to go through the negative aspects of life to learn more about yourself and how the world works. That also means that you need to find out the people you do not need in your life as friends, no matter how painful the lesson is.

It will hurt to find out the person you trusted betrayed you, but it will also help you to know the signs of such individuals, and know who not to trust in the future when you are making friends. This is particularly important when you grow older, especially professionally and on a personal level – you will have the wisdom to deal with such people.

How to let go without regret

Feeling heartbroken over letting someone go is a necessary part of life. Whether it is a relationship, a friendship, or something you loved, your twenties is a period of self-discovery – that brings with it the inevitable divergence of paths, and you may not be as close to your friends as you were before.

Letting go of things requires grace, and the skill will be very useful in your adult life. Regardless of whether the loss is expected or sudden, it is important to learn how to move on.

Cutting off friendships

Along with the lesson of letting go comes the lesson of cutting off friendships. In the age of social media, it is tempting to keep up with every person you have met, even if they are simply acquaintances. However, it is not necessary to keep up with all of them, especially when all they are contributing to is taking too much time and resources away from your life and making you less productive.

Divergence of life paths is normal, and you may grow apart from your friends because of it – particularly those you knew in your younger years. Learning to streamline your social life makes you more focused on your own goals, as well as more productive, so you should not see it as being a self-centered decision. In addition, your life is yours, and what you do with it is your choice – it is therefore wise to have people around you that assist and encourage you to reach your goals, not distracting you from achieving them.

Being in the wrong long-term relationship

It is important to learn to let people in, and sometimes that means letting the wrong people in to help you wise up. Even if the relationship you are in does not lead to a positive outcome – spending a lifetime together, it helps you learn the importance of taking your time before committing to someone, while teaching you that it can be a nerve-wracking process.

When you learn to trust the right people in your life and love them, you will end up being more selfless, more confident, and you will be comfortable in your relationship when the right person comes along.

Spend your money on exciting experiences

Yes, the value of saving your pennies is very important, but it is equally important to splurge on the things you love once in a while. Remember, you do not have many responsibilities in this decade of life, so make the most out of it when you can.

For instance, buying concert tickets to see your favorite band, travelling to a new destination, looking for new experiences and spending money on an interest you have had for a long time like playing an instrument, will always reveal to you the lessons you require for the rest of your adult life.

Experience some failures

If there is ever a time of life to experiment with ideas, it is in your twenties. For instance, following an idea or pursuit you have had for quite some time is a good thing, even if it may fail to succeed. Whenever you fail, you have the added advantage of learning from the experience, and you do not feel as vulnerable afterwards.

When you are currently struggling to succeed in this stage, always remember that it will teach you basic skills for success, and you can manage risks better in the future.

Start pursuing what you love even at work

Every person should experience doing what they love, regardless of whether it is a professional venture or a hobby - you never know where it will lead you. If it is later, you might not have the chance to do what you love.

Final thoughts

The fact that you are in your twenties should present to you opportunities to do the things you have always wanted to do, as you may not get the chance later in your life.

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