Dumpster Rental Service Volusia County

Dumpster Rental Service Volusia County

Dannys Dumpster service is a family owned and operated business. Our goal is to treat each and every customer like family. We strive for excellence through our service and put the customers first each and every time out. In the building industry, there is nothing worse than getting bad service.

When deadlines and projects are on the line, time and money are crucial. I will personally do whats there is piece of mind and you are able to complete your project knowing how much it will cost up front instead of wondering how much it will cost on the back end.

All containers will be placed where the contractor or property owner requests. A release and invoice will be signed upon delivery. Everything is COD Cash or credit unless directed by Dannys Dumpster service. Smaller containers = less risk and damage to your property. Again catching things on the front end rather the back end. Smaller containers due to size and weight have less likelihood of cracking your slab driveways or sidewalks. Also, they are less likely to affect your lawn / property damaging underground utilities or irrigation.

Other services offered: Debris Loading Removal, Grading, land clearing / development and clearing underbrush, pond work with vegetation removal and manicuring. Tracked equipment is available. Rates will vary.

First and for most know that cheaper is not better. Usually theirs a reason. When looking for a debris hauler, keep several important factors in mind.

  • Does the hauler have commercial vehicle insurance?
  • s Comp coverage?
  • Does the hauler have commercial liability insurance?
  • Is the hauler DOT compliant?
  • Is the haulers trucks DOT inspected?
  • Does the haulers drivers have the proper drivers license endorsement?
  • Does the hauler conduct thorough back ground checks and drug screen on its employees?

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