Do you prefer organic clothes for your baby?

Do you prefer organic clothes for your baby?

It is always advisable that when it comes to your kids, prefer organic clothes only. It is agreed that organic is tiny bit costly and it might haywire your budget a little but afterall it safeguards you and your baby from falling sick.

If you still think that eating and wearing organic is merely an expense read below and we would tell you three different reasons as to why picking organic clothes could be the best choice.

By the time you would finish reading this article you would be convinced as to why you should make your baby wear organic cotton clothes only.

We all are well versed with the fact that babies do need extra care and that is why being cautious is important in whatever you buy for your baby. In case you are wondering if you should go for organic clothes or not then, read the entire article to have a clear idea over it.

  • Environmental impact of pesticides –

As you choose organic clothes for your baby, you are actually contributing to saving the environment. Only about 10% of the pesticides used on cotton crops are thought to actually accomplish their job and the rest ends up in the air and water supply. The EPA estimates that up to 2 million birds may be killed annually from just one of the insecticides used on cotton.

  • The process of processing –

You would be astonished to know that pesticides and other chemicals are not the only problems. Cotton also requires dozens of more chemicals, including bleach, during the long process of turning raw cotton into fiber for clothing and even food. So, do you realize that how important it is to stick to organic newborn bodysuits only? Organic is not loaded with chemicals which is why it is completely safe for your baby.

We all know that while making synthetic clothes, a lot of pesticides are used but that is not the case with organic cotton clothes. If reports are believed, while cotton only makes up 3% of the total farmed land area, it accounts for 25% of the insecticides and 10% of the pesticides used worldwide, making it one of the most chemically treated crops.

On the other hand, choosing organic clothes like organic cotton baby bodysuit available with Softsens should always be preferred.

Always do your research thoroughly about the brands that you are willing to invest in. Look for important certifications proving the authenticity of the organic products. Softsens understands the importance of organic, therefore, each and every product available here such as organic cotton baby bodysuit and so on is 100% organic, certified and cruelty-free

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