DIY TIPS: How to Easily Install a New Sliding Glass Door

DIY TIPS: How to Easily Install a New Sliding Glass Door

Sliding-glass doors or as most of the people know them as Patio doors, they act similar to a large sized window that offers astonishing sights of the out-of-doors. Giving an easy access to your house exterior too, but do you think it is a hard job to install a new patio door? Well here is what you need to know when you decide that you need a new glass door for your house on your own.

Things to know before installing a glass door

Let it be clear that it is not recommended for the first time DIYer to install the sliding door but if they have ample amount of experience and have the essential tools, it might make the job easier for you. Often the reason behind installing a sliding glass door is to let in the sunlight and to easily go to the courtyard. Below is some easy step you can follow and you can install your own sliding glass door on your own in just a couple of hour. The glass doors are heavy and difficult to move, try asking your friends or family members to assist you.

Removing the Old Door

Use a kitchen knife or a utility knife to cut through the caulk while holding the interior frame in place. Once you have cut the caulk, pull the frame away from the wall slowly, there might be caulk, glue or paint still present there. Remember to perform this on the exterior frame also.

At this point, the opening that you pulled will likely be rough and disorderly, remove all the leftover nails or unnecessary material and use a carpenter’s level to ensure that all the opening areas are leveled.

Purchasing the new sliding door

Visit a home-supply store, make sure that you have brought your measuring tape along so that you can confirm that the door you have chosen will fit perfectly within the opening in your house or not.

Installing the New Glass

Flashing is a type of water-resistant glued tape that will protect the door frame and all the edges of the door from water damage. You may want to apply a layer of flashing tape along the bottom side of the frame. Have someone assist you while setting the door frame in place. Make sure that you do not install the glass door backward.

Once you have installed the frame, use the old screw and tighten them with the new glass door, tighten them until the screws are steadily rooted in the door. The new rail will have some debris over it, make sure that you clean it first. Set the bottom piece first on the track then press the top piece of the door in place too. Repeat this same procedure of the other glass door too.

Re-attach the interior and exterior trim

At this moment, the door is firmly in place, you can spike back the interior and exterior trim in place as well. Fasten these to the same positions from where you removed them in the first place.

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