Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

What will be the trends of Digital Marketing for 2021? Next, we will talk a little about some important practices that we must implement in the companies that we manage, in order to take full advantage of the tools that digital media offer us, today, to better connect with our users.

There are five aspects that, in addition to being very useful, are very easy to apply in our companies.

1.Influencer marketing.

Word-of-mouth, the recommendation, has evolved with the recent boom in influencers. Either a personality with many followers and "engagement", or it can be a local influencer that is related to your market, and that allows you to connect with its users.

The phenomenon of influencers will continue to grow, and that will allow our brands to have more options when choosing the best bearer of the message we want to convey. So, let's try to find people who are congruent with the personality, philosophy, and reputation of the brand.

2. Buy direct on social networks.

The issue of eCommerce, surely, is going to have an important transformation motivated by the fact that some social networks, such as Instagram, will now be able to make purchases directly on the same platform, without having to go to another website or take you out of their application.

Let's reflect: Is our brand preparing for this new purchasing model? We must be ready to take advantage of this new stage where eCommerce will be executed through social networks.

3. Customer service on steroids.

Currently, there are many tools to automate processes, generate cases, follow up between the contact points between the maca and the person, as well as the software that Conversocial and HubSpot make that serve to know and give the user a landing track to that we can serve you and understand you better, etc.

All these instruments leave us no choice but to have optimal customer service. We must make customer service a priority aspect of our strategy: how we serve is where our reputation comes from.

4. The intelligent Chat-bot.

95% of people answer me that they don't like talking to Chat-bots and that they close the conversation window as soon as they realize that a Bot is answering them. Many top websites like MobileMoneky, Kissanime, Peloton, and American wall, etc are using Chat-bot. Having Chat-bots with response trees does not allow users to feel that they can have a logical conversation.

Let's change the Chat-bots from automated responses to Smart Chatbots; as well as the Google Assistant, which allows us to take better advantage of the Google platform, but which also allows us to generate much more logical and fluid conversations on messaging platforms. What I recommend the most is that we use Chat-bots only when necessary: as our capacity allows it, we must continue connecting people to a person, and then start implementing an intelligent Chat-bot.

5. The speed of content relationship.

We are in a new era in which the people who represent the brands are more relevant to the market: we want to connect with these people and their talents have a value that is transmitted to the “DNA” of the brands. For this reason, we need to optimize the quantity and quality of our content, and for this, we need to prepare our brand and also the team of people who will participate in the marketing of it.

We need to put speed, try, make mistakes, and try again, without wasting a lot of time thinking about what will be the best content to generate that expected connection.


Things are changing very fast, and if we don't accept this change then we will never compete in marketing. So, therefore, keep your self updated and stay motivated

I invite you to comment on what you think of this article and if you have a topic that you want to discuss regarding Marketing, it will be welcome.

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