Different types of Swaddle blankets you must know about

Different types of Swaddle blankets you must know about

As you welcome the baby loading your home with all the necessary items a swaddle blanket is something you should not skip at all. If there is something that is as warm as a mother’s lap, it is the swaddle.

The market is loaded with a variety of different swaddles but how to pick the best swaddle for your baby.Even though the market is filled with numerous swaddle serving different needs of the baby, here is how you can choose the best one for your baby. However, the most important thing that you should be concerned about is how skin friendly is the fabric.

  1. Baby swaddle wrap – Made with 100% cotton the baby swaddle blankets available with Softsens are the best ones. At Softsens you would be able to find 100% GOTS certified organic muslin swaddles that are gentle on your baby’s skin!
  2. Wearable blankets – As the baby begins to move he/she loves to keep him/her hands-free. Here, wearable blankets are the best ones. It allows your baby to move and explore at the same time to keep it warm.
  3. Swaddle suit – Comfortable and gentle on skin, the swaddle suits are largely preferred by the parents. They have zippers, velcro or hooks which makes carrying the baby easier. This kind of swaddle is good for travelling as it keeps the baby wrapped inside.
  4. Muslin Swaddle Blankets Being bigger in size they generously wrap your baby and keep him/her warm. Muslin swaddle blankets are the ones that are made of pure cotton. The fabric is breathable and friendly to the skin. The Muslin baby Swaddle Blankets available with Softsens are made of 100% cotton. Printed in a variety of colours and designs the muslin swaddle blankets are highly popular. They are breathable and most importantly made up of 100% cotton.

So, exactly how many swaddles would you need?

If you are not sure how many swaddle blankets are required for your baby, you can easily pick up around 6-7 swaddle blankets so that you have enough during emergencies. The pack of three swaddles available with Softsens is an ideal purchase. You can instead purchase two packs that vary in design.

Resource box: When you are looking for a safe and gentle muslin swaddle for your baby, look nowhere else but Softsens. 100% GOTS certified organic muslin swaddles are available with Softsens.

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