Depression in Dogs, the Signs You Have To Watch Out For

Depression in Dogs, the Signs You Have To Watch Out For

Either humans or animals, there comes a time when all creature experiences depression at some point in their lives. When it’s about humans, people like us experience depression in different stages of professional & personal lives. For example stress in work, burden of expenses, responsibilities, handling relationships, fear of losing someone special, and many other problems can easily dampen our spirit. Like humans, dogs feel the same way and they can coil into depression just like us. Dogs suffers from different causes of depression like loss of an owner or a fellow dog, welcoming a baby or another pet, moving into a new house, being left alone for several hours daily and lack of provocation, among other things. Here we are listing down the most prominent warning signs that your dog is suffering from depression. Have a look on dog depression signs:

Change in Appetite

People struggle and deal with depression in different ways. Like, some likes to sit alone, some eats a lot and some lose their appetite and similarly it happens with your furry friend. There are different signs of depression in dogs you can observe through their eating habits. Like if you feed your dog on particular times daily and notice changes in their eating habits. You’re pet most likely feeling very emotional. But some of them treat their sadness and eats their way out. While some eat as per their routine through their sadness, most dogs lose their appetite and lose a few pounds in depression.

Change in Sleep Pattern

Dogs love to sleep but they try hard not to sleep in your presence especially when you’ve just come home from work. Usually they would love to play with you, lick you, annoy you, and try to do everything to get your attention. When he continues to sleep and ignores your presence, he is likely feeling depressed. And the same goes when he is restless and can’t sleep through the right.

Loss of Interest

Dogs love to play, run and go around for walks but you can observe the sign of depression when your pet suddenly loses interest in the things which excites him. He will ignore all toys he has to play and he shows lack of interest in going outside.

They starts hiding them and don’t like to socialize. Usually prefer to sit in a corner. But some dogs become aggressive or destructive. So observe their behavior and try to heal their depression.

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