Cleaning a Hot Tub with Jets

Cleaning a Hot Tub with Jets

Having a hot tub in your home or backyard is a great perk, but it can also be a responsibility.

Even though maintenance of a hot tub is a lot simpler and less expensive than a pool, it still does require regular cleaning and some investment both of time and money.

The drains and jets which aren’t properly cleaned can become a hotbed of mold and bacteria growth.

Hot tub experts at Aqua Paradise give some good advice on how to keep your hot tub clean and functional for a long time.

Cleaning Water Jets

The first thing you should do is clean the water jets. That means that you should turn off the air jets and only use the water jets.

Fill the tub above the highest jets in the tub, so that all of the jets are submerged. Pour some powdered dish detergent into the tub, about one-quarter of a cup should be enough.

If you can choose, add a detergent which works on an enzyme base, rather than the acid-based one because the latter can damage your tub in the long run.

Add about a half of cup of bleach into the tub as well. Bleach is a disinfectant, it will kill all of the bacteria and mold in the system.

Removing the Gunk

Once your mixture is ready, turn on the jets on maximum power. If you haven’t cleaned your tub in a while, or ever, prepare for a potentially ugly sight. However, it is far better to see the gunk than have it in your pipes, hidden from sight.

After about 15 minutes of running, turn off the jets and remove the gunk, don’t let it go down the drain again. Flush out the water and then fill the tub with cold water, again above the level of the highest jets.

Rinse out everything by running the jets for at least 10 more minutes.

Cleaning the Air Jets

When it comes to air jets, the procedure is somewhat different. You will still need to create a mix of dish soap and bleach, but let your air jets run for only a few minutes.

Once that is done, leave the water for a few hours, to let the mixture really react and do its job. Run the air jets again and let them run for about five minutes.

Drain the bath and let it dry. You should have clean water and air jets. However, this might not be the end of your woes.

Biofilm Removal

Over time, your hot tub might develop a thin film of organic deposits which cannot be readily cleaned by bleach and dish soap. You will need to use a specialized cleaner to get rid of this problem.

Before you start cleaning your hot tub, read the instructions on the bottle carefully, so as not damage your hot tub, or injure yourself.

Just like with regular cleaning, you will need to fill your tub with warm water to cover all of the jets. Then turn them on to get the water moving through the system.

Add the appropriate amount of the cleaner into the water and let it run for as long as the instructions on the bottle dictate.

Once you have completed the cycle, drain the tub and manually remove all of the residue. The cleaner has made it easy to remove thoroughly.

Refill your tub once again to rinse it and you should have a clean hot tub which you can use to your heart’s content now.

You can look for frisco plumber or can also clean your hot tub in this way periodically as a precaution so that it doesn’t develop any nasty smells or gunk.

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