Childcare Center Management: How To Plan For A Healthy Year

Childcare Center Management: How To Plan For A Healthy Year

Childcare center management has never been an easy task. And now the

  1. Connect staffing to
  1. Create a detailed plan for what to do if a teacher tests positive for COVID-19.
  1. Have a backup staffing plan for what to do if a teacher or student starts showing COVID-19 symptoms mid-day.

The largest

  1. Research your state
  1. Create a plan for how to offer
  1. Rework your classroom schedules to allow for social distancing and sanitization.
  1. Review your school district


  1. Drop off, check-in and pickup procedure adjustments.
  1. Sanitization practices and social distancing to protect staff and students.
  1. What happens if a child runs a fever or shows any COVID-19-related symptoms.
  1. How they

Start sharing information about drop off, check-in and pickup procedures now. CDC guidelines state that children should be dropped off at the door, inside the lobby,

  1. Remove all toys that you cannot sanitize.
  1. Tape out social distanced sections on the floor for each child to sit during circle time.
  1. Move cots six feet apart and put children head to toe to reduce potential virus spread.

Go through all the toys that are inside of your classroom. Any that you cant be in the classroom with you.

  • Contactless Check-in Mobile App: the iCare Software contactless check-in app allows parents to use their smartphone to check their child in each day. This way, you wont have shared pens or high-touch areas in your childcare but you will have verified attendance each day.
  • Pandemic Protocol Management: at check-in, ask parents about COVID-19 symptoms and document the childs temperature. If the child has an elevated temperature or a COVID-19 symptom, childcare administrators will get a push notification alerting them to the situation.
  • Virtual Classroom: this school year has required teachers to be very flexible in how they teach. Allow teachers to engage with children both in the classroom and remote using the iCare Virtual Classroom. With the push of a button, teachers can engage students online while still teaching in the classroom.

If youd like to see how iCare Software can make for a school year, schedule a demo.

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