Buying a Kitchen and Still Saving Money: How?

Buying a Kitchen and Still Saving Money: How?

People are on the lookout to model or remodel their kitchen, everywhere. You see kitchens in Ahmedabad or Delhi being chased after by kitchen enthusiasts, or modular kitchens Kochi having their popularity rise steadily. It’s an amazing time to be looking at various designs, different styles, and a distinct sense of fashion being showcased by every kitchen in the huge array that we have today. Choosing a kitchen is, therefore, a bit difficult because one is completely spoilt for choices.

The one question that people usually ask is, whether they can have a perfectly stylish kitchen, but in a lower cost bracket. The answer is, they absolutely can. And we’ll tell you how.

What Finish Would You Choose?

What you choose as your kitchen finish will be decided first and foremost by your taste. But, we hope you don’t go for high gloss finishes if you have a traditional home setting, or if you have a modern or contemporary home, don’t choose wooden country doors. Also, in case you have kids, avoid worktops or kitchen doors with the high gloss finish. Because children like to play and run, and spill things on the furniture, and high gloss surfaces are bad at hiding things. They will have you keep cleaning forever. When it comes to choosing wooden doors, go for veneer instead of cheap solid wood because the latter would expand and break easy. Even a laminate door would do better than a cheap and inexpensive solid wood door.

Money vs. Quality? What’d be Your Choice?

Usually, we would say choose quality over money, any day. But this is not that day. The reason people choose quality is that they don’t want to renovate the kitchen just after a few years because the old one seems on the brink of breaking. While that is true, the kitchen style and fashion do keep renewing itself every few years. That itself would make many people go for renovation because their kitchen would have simply been looking old fashioned. And sometimes cheap is just better. Take, for example, an MFC carcass and a solid wood one. You would probably choose the latter, but we’d advise for MFC as it would be easy to clean and maintain. So, don’t go for really fancy models just because you want them to last longer; you might not even be in the mood to keep that same kitchen design after some years have passed - even if it’s a perfectly good kitchen.

Kitchen Appliances - That’s Yet Another Choice to Make

Energy efficiency should absolutely be your operative phrase, then go looking for a kitchen appliance. You can even get very stylish looking stainless steel made and variously colored appliances in the market today; so you can easily convert your sense of efficiency and economy to a bad fashion statement. You’d have to make a choice between either going for a built-in appliance or choosing a freestanding one. The built-in ones usually cost you less, but then sometimes the freestanding appliances look better - like with white kitchens. So, depending on your budget, energy efficiency, and your personal taste - make that choice wisely.

And Now, Time to Decorate!

You’d be looking at new tiles, or even new floor, and looking for ways to decorate your new kitchen. These will completely depend on your personal sense of style, how you perceive your kitchen, and so on. You might even a DIY tile store, where you could find beautiful flooring but at less cost. So, look at all your options, and go for whichever you like.

Modeling or remodeling kitchen is a fun thing to do. You get to express yourself if you’re personally involved in every bit and details of the process. There are newer modular kitchen models coming up everywhere, every year. And every place has a bearing on how the kitchen would look. So, you would find that modular kitchens Kochi, and the kitchens in Ahmedabad are quite different in their style - but both special, nonetheless. That again widens your options, and we think makes kitchen modeling more of fun!

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