Brand Awareness in Sport and the Benefits of Sponsorship

Brand Awareness in Sport and the Benefits of Sponsorship

Sports present an incredible opportunity for brands to win over the hearts and minds of fans. All around the world, various sports and leagues engage a huge number of viewers on a regular basis.

The Impact of Sports Sponsorships

Look at jerseys that are sold, they’ll often have the sponsors logo directly on them, so fans that are spending over a hundred dollars for a team shirt are actively advertising brands. You probably wouldn’t buy a t-shirt advertising a telecom business, for instance, but slap their logo on your favorite team’s jersey and people don’t seem to mind as much. It goes to show the power that sports have, but that’s just one small example.

Positive Associations

Watching sports, whether in person or on TV, is an exciting experience, especially when there’s a close match with your favorite team. You’ll notice that, regardless of which event you’re watching, there’s almost always going to be tons of logos and brands featured. They might not always make sense, for example why would anyone shop for auto insurance while watching football?

But it’s not about getting you to go and buy the product on the spot, it’s about the brands being able to find their way into your subconscious, so that you recognize them the next time you are shopping for insurance, or a new car, or whatever the case may be. Win or lose, that brand now has a place in your subconscious that’s associated with excitement, energy, and in some cases - winning!

Relevant Partnerships

We’ve talked about insurance companies, or other companies that might advertise during sports in order to create positive associations, even if they aren’t directly related to sports. Furthermore, there are countless brands and industries that are much more directly related to sports, that offer super relevant opportunities.

For example, if you’re watching a game in person, and you see a particular brand of alcohol advertised, and then somebody walks by selling drinks, you’ll have that brand fresh on your mind. If you’re sitting at home and the game’s about to start, and you notice an add for a site like Bet365 Casino, you might decide to log-on and place some bets on the game.

It could be that your favorite basketball player wears a certain brand of shoes on the court, or is endorsed by a certain brand of cologne, or whatever the case may be… Let’s face it, humans are very impressionable, and we don’t even always realize it. This creates a massive opportunity for all sorts of different brands to gain incredible amounts of awareness by sponsoring our favorite sports teams and athletes.

Final Thoughts

This doesn’t just apply to massive corporations sponsoring huge teams. Think of children’s leagues, where a local business might sponsor their jerseys. It doesn’t cost much in the grand scheme of things, maybe a few hundred dollars, but now they’ve got their logo in front of all the parents who go to watch every game that season. For a business like a hardware store, or a contractor, or a company selling windows locally, or whatever else you can think of it - it likely on takes a few extra sales, maybe even just one, to cover the cost - and you can’t put a price on the goodwill it can create in the community.

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