Basic Fengshui (chi) Tips to Bring Positive Energy to Your House

Basic Fengshui (chi) Tips to Bring Positive Energy to Your House

Have you ever wondered why, despite enjoying your free time with family or going outside with your friends on holidays, you always end up complaining that you are not happy with what's around? In other words, people are facing stressful life and not getting the energy level and leading a puzzled life. To get rid of, people nowadays are focusing on the interior decoration. After working many hours, people come back home and expects relaxing time for themselves but everything around not giving you positive energy and relaxation. You need some modifications around you.

Ever thought of trying Fengshui? Yes, you are getting me right. A lot of people are attracted towards it. Getting started with Fengshui at initial level for your home sounds tricky but with the basic knowledge, you will move step forward to the higher levels. It helps you to retain more positive energy from the surrounding. To help you get started with Fengshui, we are here with initial tips which will make your home more peaceful:


According to Fengshui, if your name plate outside the house is clear invisibility and the name and property address mentioned in clear, concise and readable context, then it helps direct the opportunities to your home.


Entrance is the main area according to Fengshui, as it is the main door from where house absorbs its energy nourishments.

Baby's signal

If you want to buy a house or a car, to check the energy type take your baby there and check the signals of your baby. If babily becomes sick or ill, then the place is surrounded with negative energy. If your baby stays calm, happy and plays peacefully you know it's the positive sign.

Clean the clutter

Every damaged thing brings negative energy, throw out the damaged watches, mixers, and electronics. Clean the clutter, not only because of hygiene purpose because it brings a lot of negative energy in your home.

Let in fresh air and natural light

Natural light and fresh air refresh your home, keep windows often and let the natural light come in to bring positive energy.

Three Legged Toad

on the way that faces your main door, place a Three Legged Fengshui Toad model, which is an ancient and mystical sign. It signifies wealth and property. It takes care of your finances, savings and bringing in prosperity.

Fish and water

A small fish pot with flowing water and floating fish brings positive energy and reduce misfortune and its effects.

These are simple and main tips which you should use in your house to bring positive energy.

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