Avoid These Bad Dental Habits and Stay Healthy

Avoid These Bad Dental Habits and Stay Healthy

You alone are responsible for your poor oral health. Genetics has nothing to do with your stained or discoloured teeth. Your neighbours did not conspire to push you towards tooth decay and cavity. It’s your bad dental habits that have ruined the beauty of your smile and dented the glow of your face. If you want course correction, wake up today literally and see how smart people are not making the same oral care mistakes you’ve all along all those months. You don’t even brush twice a day when dentists all over the world recommend us the same.

You don’t floss assuming that brushing once a day is enough to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Well, you’re mistaken because hard bristles of your toothbrush can’t clean between the teeth. So, there will be plaque, bacteria and food residues building up inside your mouth waiting to cause irreparable harms. Worse still, you have been using the same toothbrush for months on end without caring for its harms to your teeth. If you were really conscious about your dental health, you’d not be making such silly mistakes and allowing frayed or worn-out bristles to cause enamel erosion.

What’s more, you don’t brush gently and mostly rush through the act as if it were a chore. The toothpaste you use does not have fluoride content, so the best it does is to give sweet feeling with no benefits at all. Similarly, you skip tongue cleaning in the hope that brushing will take care of everything. Well, you must know that hundreds of thousands of bacteria and germ reside on the tongue, some good and some good. The bad ones must be cleaned out else they could enter the bloodstream and reach different body parts to cause severe harm to your body.

Worse still, you find no harm in using your tooth as a tool for opening soft drink bottles, ripping apart grocery packets, cutting the strings, crunching on the ice etc. These can leave you with cracked, chipped or fractured teeth, so it’s better to stay away from such bad dental habits. Likewise, you gorge on sugary and acidic items despite knowing they are extremely bad for your dental health. You consume tea, coffee, soda, cola, candies, chocolates, sport drinks etc. without thinking about the damage they would do your teeth and gums. You even brush immediately after eating or drinking something acidic to put your teeth at great risks.

Similarly, you don’t care about a balanced diet and eat or drink whatever is there to consume. In some cases, you even avoid visiting the dentist despite having obvious signs of dental troubles like toothache, tooth sensitivity, loose teeth etc. All these bad oral care habits can cause great harm to your dental health, so it’s better to visit a dental clinic near me regularly and be on the safe side. Such visits are very helpful as you can get oral examinations, dental check-ups and if needed, tooth cleaning etc. to keep problems away easily.

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