Avoid Exercise that Age You Faster

Avoid Exercise that Age You Faster

Exercising is a good habit to keep your body fit, healthy and it’s important to keep as you age. Exercising keeps you active and mentally aware. But while practicing different moves and postures you should be aware of its effects as well as you need to practice it in exact forms. There are different exercises which might age you prematurely. You can keep exercising and running but there are certain tips to avoid mistakes while practicing it, have a look here:

Limit high intensity workouts

High intensity workouts are great only when you do it rarely. If you practice high intensity exercises regularly then it can injure yourself. It may affect more wear to your body. You need to do proper rest otherwise it will wear down your body. You need to rest at least two days to allow recovery.

Avoid cardio exercises only

Cardio exercises are really beneficial for your body and have positive effects on heart health and lowering blood pressure. But only practicing these exercises might age you. It doesn’t help you build muscle mass. With aging, you lose muscle mass and it slow down metabolism rate & weakens the Skeleton. You should combine cardio activity with aerobics to strength muscles.

Low impact workouts

Low impact exercises are safe than high impact exercises like walking as you age. Even running faster can put you in higher risk. Running and high impact activities cause more pounding and wear to hip bone and back bone. You should limit exercises like jogging, jumping and running to keep your body maintain.

Use caution with shoulder exercising

Don’t practice any exercise if you are going through any shoulder injury or recovery. You should modify your shoulder exercises to strengthen shoulder muscles. It is important to keep it strong because it can put strain on back and joints.

Incorporate exercise that keeps you young

You should combine body strengthening exercises in your routine workout, and do it three to four times in a week. Make sure to include free weights which can help you build more muscle.

It is important to maintain bone health with aging. You should include exercises that help you maintain postures and protect you from osteoporosis or slouch. Perform these activities 2 or 3 times in a week. Practice yoga on regular basis to keep your skin from aging. It will offer great mind with a beautiful skin. Practice these tips and keep you safe.

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