Why You Should Choose Concrete Driveways

Why You Should Choose Concrete Driveways

Is your driveway starting to show scars due to harsh weather, heavy vehicle loads, and climatic changes? If it is showing these signs, you probably need to replace your driveway. A decaying driveway can affect your home’s first impression, which can be an issue if you plan on selling soon. Now if you are thinking of upgrading your driveway, there are plenty of options in the market such as concrete driveways, asphalt driveways, stone driveways, etc, but you need to consider lots of things before making your final decision. Concrete driveways are durable and robust enough to stand up to whatever vehicle you have in your garage and all weather conditions. Concrete Driveway Installation is one of the best choices for you and it is American's most favorite choice when it comes to driveways. In this article, you will find out why concrete driveways are so famous and what are its benefits.

It is Robust And Long-Lasting

Your new concrete driveway can last up to 30 years or more as long as you invest in maintenance. The length of your driveway will also depend on how well it is installed. For example, a reliable Concrete driveway company will make sure that your new driveway has a stable foundation that can drain water. Concrete is one of the building materials that solidify over time. The longer the concrete sits in the driveway, the more structurally sound it becomes. Concrete driveways can last for decades without requiring major repairs. You can park SUs, subcompact cars, or any type of vehicle that weighs tons without worrying about your driveway's ability to handle the pressure. One thing to keep in mind, for best results you must hire a Concrete Sidewalks Replacement company that has a lot of experience in road paving.

Low Maintenance

It is always recommended to choose entry material that is easy to maintain in each season. Not only is concrete durable, but it also doesn't require as much maintenance as asphalt and other materials. Since Michigan experiences severe freeze-thaw cycles, you'll want to make sure you apply concrete sealer about once a year. Concrete driveway installation experts also recommend sweeping or cleaning your driveway now and then. Once the concrete is in place, the maintenance will simply be to wash off the dirt with a high-pressure nozzle and trim the grass from the edges of the concrete paved areas and that's it.

Concrete Driveways Stay Cool In Summer

Concrete stays cool to the touch during the summer thanks to its light color. Asphalt, on the other hand, absorbs heat from the sun. Since asphalt driveways are black, they absorb more heat from the sun during the summer, which can be painful for people with bare feet. In contrast, a concrete surface absorbs less heat from the sun and is therefore much cooler than an asphalt surface.

Concrete Is Ecological

If you are anxious about its impact on the environment, you can choose concrete over asphalt paved roads. It takes a lot of energy to make asphalt than to make concrete. Concrete is the most environmentally friendly paving solution because it takes less total energy to produce and install. In addition, the energy cost of installing concrete in a driveway is lower than its asphalt counterpart. You can also use recycled concrete from demolished buildings.

Better Load Capacity

A concrete driveway can withstand heavy loads better than asphalt because it is an inflexible material. On the other hand, trucks and heavy loads on an asphalt surface can cause bending, which can deform the pavement layers. While your driveway is only designed for your vehicles to move, you can never know when a heavier vehicle will be on your property or garage. Concrete can withstand tons of heavy loads.

Concrete Is Cheap

Concrete is an inexpensive alternative to other paving materials, but it can still give you the look of brick and stone. Tile, brick, and stone pavers can be quite lavish and expensive as well. They are mainly used for their attractive appearance. But you can give concrete any of these shapes and it will mimic just like them. Concrete is also cheaper to install. You can hire Concrete Patio Service to install any type of shape of the concrete driveway.

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