Practical Tips to Protect Your House from Water Damage in Chandler AZ

Practical Tips to Protect Your House from Water Damage in Chandler AZ

With the upcoming season of spring that is known for its pleasant weather, it also brings in many storms, heavy rain, and flooding. All these could bring in major destruction to your buildings and you may lose your property in seconds. Can you afford to lose your valuable possession? Of course not. There are seven tips that can help you with protecting your house from flooding and water damage.

Be careful about your roof repair

Water needs not doors or gateways to enter your house. They may enter through any hole that you cannot do anything once it has entered the property. Therefore, before the season begins, do not forget to inspect your roof and if needs any sort of repair, get it done without any delay. A small hole in your roof will not only damage the interior of your house but also you may need a roof replacement, which is an expensive replacement.

Document your possession

Whether you have been living in the house for years or have recently moved in, you should document everything about the property and the things you possess. Also, attach the photos of the thing you already have in your house before the water tips your boundaries. Keep that document on the safe side so that whenever you experience a water damage, you can claim for insurance on the bases of these documents. The property evidence can get you back your property in a way as it was.

Keep your trees and bushes in shape

During the rainy season, we suggest you cut down your trees and bushes. As when the wind blows, the fallen leaves, as well as the debris stuck in your gutters or downspout causing an overflow and your property, will be damaged because of overflowing. A dead plant may not look like a threat but do not be a pity with it. Remove it instantly.

Get the gutters and downspouts clean

The water on your roof or around the house will drain through your gutters and if they are blocked, the water will flow back and eventually causing the overflow or pipes will burst. Before the pipe leaks, it is better to take care of your gutters and downspouts, before the monsoon arrives. This is also necessary to protect your house’s foundation and basement.

Guard your basement and foundation

To help keep your basement dry and prevent flooding around your home, make sure the ground slopes away from your home’s foundation by at least 6’’ over the first 10’’. In addition, consider having a sump pump installed in your basement to remove any groundwater that seeps inside. Still, if you are suffered with water damage, you can rely on Emergency Water Restoration Companies in Chandler AZ.

Protect your HVAC systems and other appliances

Floods or dripping water can damage your HVAC systems and air conditioning units so you need to protect them as well. The best way is to place at a certain height where water cannot touch. As it will be dangerous when the water hits the electronic appliances.

In case water has still entered your place, prefer calling the experts for water restoration without any delay. They know the techniques to handle the process efficiently.

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