How to Plan to Cut the Wedding Catering Costs?

How to Plan to Cut the Wedding Catering Costs?

The wedding is an auspicious and most awaited day in every couple's life. People takes months and years of planning for the wedding celebration. Somehow weddings are meant for flaunting luxuries and lavishness. We often end up splurging huge amount of money in the wedding planning, decorations, designing invitations, catering, cocktail and more. I am here with the ideas to cut the catering costs and help you in maintaining your wedding budget:

Wedding cocktail hour

According to the wedding caterers, hand passes the pricier appetizers such as shrimp or other seafood rather than setting them out for your guests for themselves. It reduces the consumption by 40%. You can ask your caterer for a list of less costly appetizers or plate grilled and colorful salads in big bowls it provides generosity without spending more. you can use artichokes, radish, broccoli sticks cut in attractive shapes for the cocktail hour. while serving food focus on the presentation, its people's eyes that make them eat the dish. You can also skip the raw trendy bars. You don't need to offer pasta stations if you have it in the side dishes.


After the cocktail hour, no one requires a 5-course meal, 3-course meal is enough. You can avoid salads if you have served it during the cocktail hour. let your caterer know about the meats available at cheaper rates during a specific season. You can serve vegetarian dishes too so that your guests will like it as it makes the difference. You can consider family style dishes to reduce the cost. You can platter sliced meat and pasta that guests can pass around.

On the side

Dressing up the salads in an attractive way can make them look expensive. Fill out the menu with potatoes, you can bring risotto Balls instead. You can also save money by asking for the list of vegetables along with the detailed prize. Serve the salads creatively.

At the bar

Instead of offering a full bar, you can serve two or more signature drinks with personalized name and colors. Try to select mid-shelf liquors. It will cost you less than 30% than the usual. Dress up your drinks with lemon peels, lime, oranges, and berries. These garnishes are offered for free to add the festive look. If you are stocking your own bar, then look for less expensive wines.

Such ideas help you in providing best and smart catering services in less wedding budget.

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