How to Have a Healthy and Awesome Beard: Beard Growth 101

How to Have a Healthy and Awesome Beard: Beard Growth 101

Beards are not fashion, they are the eternal lifestyle. Keeping it in perfect condition takes lots of dedication, love, passion and the right set of products. If you just let it grow, it will, but its look will be far from the desired outcome. In fact, if unattended, it will be scrubby, rough, wiry, bristly and all the other unattractive adjectives you can think of. And, most importantly, it will not be healthy. Taking all this into consideration, regardless of you are at the beginning of growing your facial hair if you are in the middle and struggling with it, here is everything you need to know to come on the right side of it.

Get Yourself the Right Beard Growth kit

You can’t wash your beard with your hair shampoo neither put the same balm on it that you use for your hair. There are products that are specially designed for beard care and those are the ones you should invest in. Why is that so? Because the formulas are different and the facial hair can get pretty messy if you use a drying shampoo on it. Here are the basic products you need to have in your beard growth kit.

  • Beard oil

The crucial, sent-from-God, essential product for your beard is, of course, the beard oil. It is made of carrier and essential oils that bring all the health benefits with themselves and provide an amazing moisturizing spa experience for your beard. It is applied throughout the whole beard and the skin underneath. Even though it is oil, it doesn’t make the facial hair greasy, on the contrary, it supplies it the necessary moist and keeps it shiny and smooth. Usually, it is used to hydrate the skin through shorter and trimmed beards.

Another thing that is important to know about beard oils is that they absorb into the skin much faster than other beard products. You only need a beard brush or comb to apply it evenly throughout the whole beard, especially if it is longer.

  • Beard balm

The beard balm is excellent for medium-sized and longer beards and also an excellent choice for dry skin. It has a higher viscosity than the oil which makes it harder to absorb, however, it stays longer on your beard than the oil which, on the other hand, prompts long-lasting nourishment, moisture, and a sitting style. Moreover, it keeps it shiny and healthy and in perfect condition.

The great thing about bear balm is that it can be used in various ways – to keep the skin underneath the beard healthy, to make up for the excessive production of sebum, and as a skin moisturizer as well. If you have tattoos, the beard balm will keep them bright or if your skin particularly dries during the winter season, it can be your ideal pomade.

  • Beard Shampoo

Last but not least, the beard shampoo is a must on the list as well. One thing is for certain – you must not give in to the temptation to wash your beard with your shower gel, hair shampoo or, God forbid, soap. Reaching for these products will only lead to drying of the skin, beard dandruff which is also known as beardruff, itching and an altogether messy look. Instead, reach for a beard shampoo, with as many natural ingredients as you can find it its formula and enjoy the benefits of a perfectly groomed beard – a healthy mane and a soft and moisturized skin.

Take Care of It Every Day

You can’t find excuses not to tend to your beard daily, Simply, you can’t. It needs its grooming routines to be regular when you wake up and do the rest of the washing rituals in the bathroom. Dedicate some time to wash it thoroughly, dry it with a towel, but not rub it- tap it instead, and apply the recommended amount of beard oil and beard balms appropriately. Comb it or brush it – whichever gives you more satisfaction and style it. Not only you will look badass, but you will also smell incredible too. And seize the day!

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