How Journaling Can Incite Gratitude In Your Life

How Journaling Can Incite Gratitude In Your Life

What do you think would happen if you could journal what happened to you or what you were feeling daily? Sure, if you wanted to, you could publish it in a book. Cue the throwback of Nickelodeon’s “As Told by Ginger” the cartoon theme music of a young aspiring writer who published her diary entries into a book in her adulthood.

Journaling every day can help you to decrease stress (like playing online games, chatting with people or trying casino gaming on NetBet), improve your mental health, and incite gratitude in your daily life. Don’t worry whether you have a natural knack for writing or not. Just write from the heart and reflect on your day to start feeling the positive effects immediately.

Thankfulness Incites Gratitude And Reduces Stress

Write about something you are most thankful for at least once a day in your journal. If you do not like writing with a pen and pad, you can add it to your Notes app on your smartphone or type it into a saved Google Document on your Google Drive.

What you are thankful for is personal to only you. What makes you happy? What happened that day that brought a smile to your face? Was there something that you were unsure about that worked out for the best? Highlight as much or as little as you want in your journal entry for that.

Write About Who Uplifts and Motivates You

Inciting gratitude in your life also means recognizing those who help to make your life better. Who are your favorite people in your life? What have they done for you to feel wanted and loved? What do you love doing for them in return for all the help that they give you?

While plans may not go specifically how you want, writing about people who motivate and uplift you makes you feel grateful for the positive influences in your life. Reframing your mindset will incite happiness, satisfaction, and confidence even during the day when not everything goes as planned.

Reflect On Your Worries and Find Solutions

If there are things in your life that are worrying you, writing them down will calm you and give you a clearer mind to tackle the issues in a more level-headed way. Vent about what’s worrying you and think of different solutions to the problem.

However, if any of the issues are not within your immediate control, take a deep breath and do not worry. Vent about it in your journal and revisit that issue that’s out of your control every few days when you have not heard an update on it. Know that the problem will eventually work itself out as long as you are taking any necessary action needed on your end.

Embrace Who You Are

Are there flaws in yourself that you are not happy about? Are you afraid of something that if people find out about something they will judge you? Don’t fear! Embrace who you are and be grateful that you are the way that you are.

If you have flaws, work on them! If there are things about you that you think people will judge you for, let them roll off you like Teflon and move on with life without them!


Journal at least one paragraph per day and you will be feeling the effects of gratitude wash over your soul in no time. Let us know other ways that you can incite gratitude in your life besides journaling in the comments below.

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