Get a Free Car Insurance Quote Online from Any Auto Insurance Company

Get a Free Car Insurance Quote Online from Any Auto Insurance Company

Shopping for insurance online has increased drastically in the last 5 years as policyholders are appreciating the convenience and savings associated with online insurance quotes. In the time it takes you to make a cup of coffee, you can get insurance quotes from the best companies in the province. We bring you some tips to help you get free quotes from any auto insurance company.

1. Be Prepared
Shopping for auto insurance online can be extremely easy when you’re well prepared. Before you search for quotes online, ensure you have the following information ready so that you can make a comparison of apples to apples in terms of coverage:

• The current insurance declaration page
• The year, make and model of all the cars you want to insure
• Your distance to work and annual mileage (km) of your car
• The various security features on your cars
• The name, gender, occupation, driver’s license number and years of being licensed for every member of the family who is old enough to drive
• All the information about previous accidents (in the last three years) along with the date, who was at fault, injuries and amount of the claims

2. Consider Your Needs
You can save a lot of money with online quotes when you analyze your current situation and make necessary changes. For instance, if you have recently changed your job and travel fewer kilometers, you are eligible for a lower rate. Also, if you bought your coverage when your car was new and didn’t change it over the years, you can adjust your collision coverage and save a few dollars as old cars don’t need as much collision or comprehensive coverage. Also, based on your current financial situation, you can decide whether it is possible to opt for higher deductibles to get lower premiums.

3. Check the Company’s Reputation
Remember that your insurance is only as effective as the insurance company that stands behind it. Before you buy your policy, check the financial stability of the provider on a rating agency website. Your insurance company must be able to meet its financial obligations in case of a claim. You can also check customers’ reviews and satisfaction level by viewing consumer complaint data at the insurance department of your province.

4. The Final Negotiation
After you figure out the coverage you need, get a few online quotes, and finalize the company you want to buy from, you can talk to a broker or an agent to help you gain maximum discounts on your policy. There are many small and big discounts you can avail in order to save a few hundred dollars on your premiums. If you’re changing your company, cancel the policy with your existing provider and ask for refunds of the unused premium.

When you get online insurance quotes from many companies, you are in a better position to understand the rates, get the best price and ensure you have the right cover.

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