Essential techniques to boost speed of Magento site on smartphones

Essential techniques to boost speed of Magento site on smartphones

In the last couple of years, smartphones turned out to be an essential part of a day to day life. You can check out your email, can chat with the companies, listen to music, and can even do online shopping with the online medium of smartphones. Such influencing factors attract the people to invest more of the time using the smartphones than PC. With the goal to motivate behind optimizing your online Magento store for mobile devices, if you don’t look upon such for speeding such. No one can take the risk to hold it excessively even after knowing that ideal time of the page downloading is 2–3 seconds. A certified and experienced Magento developer can better assist you with lowering down the page loading time.

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Looking towards what others are offering, how you can offer the products to your customers on smartphones?

  • Mobile friendly website: It is important to have a mobile-friendly website to influence and attract more of the customer. The best and perfect responsive designs of the website look good for showing the resolution to adjust as per smartphones. No matter which device customer is using, your website will look perfectly on their screen.
  • Mobile-based application:- Mobile applications are usually faster in compare to the desktop sites. It might have low connection access on the web. Moreover, it also helps in customizing the content for individual customer and send push notification as per the searches and interest of the customer. This influences and attracts the customers to be on the app frequently. This can be executed at the time of ecommerce website development.
  • Progressive web apps (PWA):- One more trend in the ecommerce got popularity because of its point of interest. PWA’s are acting like an application of smartphones having no primary need to install it. A mobile device is undoubtedly the best decision as not all customer possess much time and energy for installing and updating the app. PWA’s need not require installation, and it gets an auto update with the use of the customer.

Here are the tips to speed up the Magento based mobile site:

  1. Make it easy: No matter customer invest most of the time using the tablets and smartphones, they use the lower time for buying. This is the reason why the website must be simple and easy to use as much as possible.
  2. Smooth User-friendly search: Well, the customers already recognize what they are looking to buy on the website. Moreover, in this situation, a website pursuit is the closest competitor. Try not to create the customer glance through the category of the website. It will be great to provide the straightforward and fast site for better-search results.
  3. Customer oriented things: Customers usually look upon the things that usually show beside and ups of the products at the time of picking. The same thing attracts the customer to invest more of the energy on the website and place the orders as per the desire.
  4. Pictures and videos: — Images and videos must be resized and rescaled as per the device automatically. Video material can be adjusted as per the resolution of the smart screen, Only one of the odd customer wait and look for the estimated pictures and recordings to get a download. So, these activities help in accelerating the time for downloading a web page.
  5. Listing the things to get: — If you enable the customers to add the products as per their wish, half of them will turn out to be a potential customer.
  6. JavaScript: — Deactivate the JavaScript and influence it for transferring, as all website content is as of now downloaded.
  7. Extensions: Magento marketplace has almost all type of extensions which can fit excellently for you. There is an end number of them that assist for making the device mobile application from the site making acquiring process very simple, developing talks with the mobile application and so on.
  8. Theme: For making your mobile site user-friendly and speed one can use the Magento theme that perfectly suits for your website.
  9. Magento portable HTML5 theme: — Magento portable device HTML 5 idea seamlessly fits for smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS. It is an official Magento theme having free installations.

Every day people across the world love to do online based shopping. Moreover, the sales are increasing flawlessly through mobile and tablets. Its largest measure is on the biggest occasions. What’s more, thanks giving and Christmas is coming. Make your site sales occasion ready. Associate with our executive to hire certified Magento developer now!

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