Cool Outfit Ideas In Budget To Rock This Summer Season

Cool Outfit Ideas In Budget To Rock This Summer Season

Dressing cool for the summer is super essential, especially if you live in India where summers can be extremely brutal! Get your summer outfits on Myntra, where you can save Rs.600 instantly by using the Myntra coupon code on dresses, Kurtis, footwear, skirts, t-shirts, and more. Here are some fun outfit ideas that are both affordable and stylish to get you through the summer!

1. Printed Patterns

Gingham prints, stripes, colourful florals, and tie and dyes are some of the trendiest prints that can complete your summer outfits! Mix and match stripes and solids, floral patterns, and geometric patterns, and show off your artistic side! You can now have this look by buying it from Myntra during the summer fashion sale.

2. White Dresses And Kurtis

Summer dresses are fun when colourful but equally comfy in solid whites! They can be worn effortlessly throughout the day or to dress up for a nice evening. White Indian outfits are another way to announce the hot season. In the drought-stricken climate, the highly reflective colour will keep the sun off you. And when you're always out in the sun, white is also an emotionally soothing colour.

3. Cotton Dresses & Skirts

Summer is all about wearing light, breezy clothes that keep you cool in the heat. As a result, a floral cotton dress is a must-have for your closet. You may wear it on its own for a relaxed daytime look or pair it with a striking accessory to dress it up for a semi-formal occasion. Short skirts are also perfect for a super cute and girly look. You can purchase cotton dresses from any online retailer such as Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon, and many others.

4. Bardot Bell Sleeves & Denim Shirts

Stunning peasant shirts with Bardot collars and bell sleeves are a bang on-trend. Go for a white colour with embroidery details around the sleeve ends to create a classy look. While with denim shorts and a Panama hat, you've got yourself a seriously sassy and summer-ready look. Ideal for transitioning from day-to-night. Because of the cool fittings, you can buy your denim shorts from Levi's and your Bardot bell sleeves dress from any online store like Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, etc

5. Gladiators & Flip Flops

It is a well-known fact that people can form an opinion about your personality based on your footwear. In terms of fashionable summer footwear, gladiators are the first name that comes to mind. You can buy a dark brown or burnt orange gladiator for that trendy yet streamlined look, and it goes perfectly with denim shorts. A pair of sassy fun flip flops are also a fantastic option for a day look.

6. Bucket Hats

With a pastel bucket hat, you can keep the sun at bay while looking stylish. This adorable and stylish accessory is perfect for every season of the year and is so versatile that it can be worn with anything and everything. These soft colours, ranging from zesty lemon to light beige, are the most timeless choices for a fantastic dres' outfit.

7. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are made of light fabric and come in a number of designs. You can choose between a longer or shorter version depending on the occasion. When walking outside, pair the soft and lightweight cotton jumpsuit with a light long-sleeve cover-up and platform sneakers that are very comfortable and keep your feet higher off the ground.

8. Coloured Culottes & Tank Tops

This year's star will be the large leg culotte in this hue. In the winter, wear them with knee-high leather boots, and in the summer, opt for classic sneakers. Workout tank tops are becoming more common as the athleisure trend grows. For any form of workout, a good quality tank top that allows you to move freely is important.

9. Khadi

In India, this handcrafted fabric was once very popular. However, the majority of Indians later adopted western attire. Khadi, on the other hand, is making a comeback now because it is ideal for the hot summer months. This raw, handwoven and organic fabric is suitable for Indian weather and keeps you cool throughout the summer. Khadi is a skin-friendly fabric that ‘breathes' and is produced without the use of chemicals. Get your quota of Khadi clothing for this summer, whether it's shirts, saris, kurtas, or tops, and stay cool even in the sun!

10. Linen Trousers & Crop Top

If you're looking for a summer outfit, linen is the way to go. It's cool, airy, light and oh-so-comfy. These white linen trousers are especially appealing to us. Combine with a graphic printed strapless crop top for a sassy and trendy look that's ideal for a night out or a special dinner. To finish, add black accessories and let your hair down.

During the summer, India is a beautiful country with beautiful scenery and cultural festivals to enjoy. Even though the summers in India are hot and humid, wearing the appropriate clothing will save you a lot of trouble. Knowing what to wear to stay cool and comfortable will allow you to take advantage of the weather and not be limited by it.

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