A Guide To Employee Recognition & Rewards Programs

A Guide To Employee Recognition & Rewards Programs

As human beings, we are driven by individual aspirations and endeavor to accomplish our personal goals. It is inherent in human nature to desire recognition when we attain these milestones. Motivation is a critical factor in a successful workforce, and this is not something you can afford to overlook. Start by taking a close look at what systems you have in place for employee recognition and rewards, then you will know where you stand.

Recognition Analysis

Recognition is intangible, yet it is craved by everyone. We are brought up to expect recognition for a job well done, and it can really deflate you if others do not notice your extra efforts. This begins when we are very young, speaking our first words, taking our first steps and we respond well to this type of encouragement. This is an inherent value that permeates within each of us abundantly. Giving an employee the recognition they deserve builds strong connections between employees and management, while it shows everyone that their hard work will also be appreciated. If you would like some professional help with this, consult with an outsourced HR services UK provider that works in your sector. There are also similar services in other countries and all it takes is an online search to find them.

Rewards Analysis

Let’s start by looking at rewards, which are tangible and are usually in the form of monetary rewards. When you present an employee with an award, you want everyone to see it, as this provides further motivation for other employees. Prizes should be suitable; if you have yet to set up an ‘Employee of the Month' program, this should be a priority, as this is the best way to motivate all employees to achieve a high level of performance.

Define Your Company Culture

When you have regular meetings to recognize outstanding performance, you are creating a culture that promotes performance and recognizes top performers. This is an integral ingredient for a winning company, and you will soon have a name as an organization that recognizes outstanding service from its employees. There are toolkits for developing recognition and rewards.

Develop Healthy In-House Competition

There is nothing at all wrong with some healthy in-house competition, indeed, this can boost output and keeps everyone’s morale high. Pitting regional sales teams against each other in a national sales competition will surely result in more sales, which benefits everyone! One has to be careful when creating in-house competition; you don’t want to encourage rushed work, so QC must be a priority when setting production targets.

Amplify The Feeling Of Success

When an employee achieves a goal and goes beyond that, you should share this celebration with all your employees. Even those who are not high achievers will be motivated and uplifted by learning about their colleagues who went beyond the call of duty. Monthly or quarterly meetings are ideal to recognize the high-output employees, which will motivate all to be the ones receiving rewards in the future.

Outsourcing HR Services

Most businesses no longer have an HR department, due to the high cost of retaining qualified HR professionals; there is a booming HR outsourcing market with top agencies offering a diverse range of HR services, such as:

  • Recruitment/headhunting

  • Staff training

  • Health & safety compliance

  • Payroll & employee benefits

  • Recognition & rewards programs

  • Workforce management & planning

To enhance your workforce, consider reaching out to a reputable HR agency and requesting a comprehensive needs assessment. This assessment will provide the essential data required for the agency to develop a comprehensive HR plan tailored to address all of your organisational requirements.

To conclude, recognising outstanding performance in your employees is critical, and you also need a rewards program.

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