Always Dress Your Best

Always Dress Your Best

I used to live with a girl who wore the prettiest, Dress whenever she was home for more than an hour. I asked her why she cared what she looked like when no one else would see her and she said, “It's a confidence booster. If I don't feel good about myself how can I expect anyone else to think I'm attractive?"

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they dress. You can tell how much they care about their appearance, how they take care of their things if they have any creative style, and what their hygiene is like. You can also tell if they respect themselves or not.

What is the point of owning clothes that make you feel ugly? Take a look at your closet, especially your unmentionables. Would you be embarrassed if someone saw them? Then get rid of them!

I regularly sort through my clothes and pull things out one at a time to make sure they do not have too many holes or stains or are looking tired. I try things on to check if they make me feel good and are still flattering on me.

When I go shopping I usually try on a big pile of clothes. I make sure to take the time to see how I feel about myself in each article of clothing. Does this make me want to suck in my stomach the whole time I am wearing it? Does this make me look frumpy?

I even make sure that the loungewear I buy makes me feel beautiful. When I am home alone all day (since I work from home) 9 times out of 10 I am wearing a comfy but pretty dress. You will never catch me wearing basketball shorts with a baggy sweatshirt because this combination smothers my confidence.

Dressing sense is extremely important when you are in a relationship. I always want my significant other to think I am attractive even if I am hungover loafing on the couch. I am 100% comfortable in my own skin, so I do not feel the need to be constantly dressed up with my hair done and a full face of makeup just to hang out with him, but I definitely do make an effort to look nice.

As a couple, we schedule a time to go on a date at least once a week. Even if we are going to a casual restaurant we both take the time to get dressed up. It is really a sign of respect to each other, and we both love the feeling of being the best-dressed couple in the room :)

How you dress is even more important in the workplace. During college, I did an internship at Unilever which is a large corporation that owns a ton of big brands like Hellman’s Mayo, Dove, Axe, etc. As a part of my training, I was told to set up 1-hour meetings with all of the managers and directors in the office. I was supposed to spend at least 10 minutes asking questions about their position, personal life, and any advice they were willing to offer.

By the 3rd or 4th interview, I learned that the company was looking for someone to fill the Director of a Marketing position, and they were trying to hire internally. In each of my interviews from then on I asked people who they would choose for that position and why.

The rumor going around was that there were two managers in the running for the position. The first woman had worked there for over 10 years, and she got along with everyone really well. Her appearance always looked a little sloppy with messy hair and wrinkled, mismatched clothes.

The second woman had only been with the company a little over a year, but she always looked really put together. She was not particularly beautiful, but she dressed in a way that made her look sophisticated and important.

I asked around 15 different people who they would choose to hire between the two and why. Every single one of them chose the second woman and offered similar explanations as to why: because she dressed like a director.

Dress like the title you want to hold. Just because your office has casual Fridays does not mean showing up in ripped jeans and a graphic T is a good idea. People have a hard time respecting and taking other people seriously that do not take the time to get themselves ready.

This does not mean you have to buy expensive brands or own three closets full of suits - just look clean and put together like you put some effort into making yourself look presentable. I receive compliments all the time about the way I dress, and I do not own a single article of clothing that I spent more than $50 on, including my purses and shoes.

Just do your best to always look your best!

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