7 Reason to have Balanced Mutual Funds in your Portfolio

7 Reason to have Balanced Mutual Funds in your Portfolio

Every investor wishes to enjoy the benefits of possessing a diversified investment portfolio. It seems like a forever task to contemplate which types of funds will suit the investment needs. If you wish to go for the perfect blend of debt and equity funds, then balanced mutual funds are the perfect option for your profile! The equity-debt ratio of these funds depends upon the fund orientation. Hybrid fund managers take charge of a balanced mutual fund. You can maintain a low-risk profile while enjoying the waves of equity investments. While some investors tend to stress buying the same type of funds, you must know why diversification plays a pivotal role.

Balanced mutual funds invest in both equities and debts, considering several factors. If the fund is equity-oriented, the fund manager will try to make at least 65% of investments in equity options. Similarly, debt-oriented funds focus more on debt investments. Nonetheless, the idea to achieve a balance of the options is productive. You can use these funds to diversify your portfolio effortlessly. Let us have a look at the reasons why investing in this balanced alternative will be beneficial for you.

Mixed investments balance gains and losses to help investors build a presentable profile!


Balanced mutual funds are comparatively a new concept for budding investors or the ones who never look ahead of their preferences. You must be open to taking risks and chances like this to bring life to your investment portfolio. Here are some of the most compelling reasons to go for balanced funds.

One Fund, Multiple Options

A balanced fund invests in both equity and debts, keeping both doors open! Fund managers have multiple options to invest in both the defined categories. Although managers are liable to make investments within the orientation boundaries of the fund, there is enough opportunity to explore the market.

Brings Stability To The Portfolio

If you keep building your portfolio on equity funds, you are running high risks without any safety net. Similarly, creating a low-risk investment profile with debt funds is also not a wise move. Therefore, you can bring the desired stability to your portfolio with balanced mutual funds. All you need to do is consider:

  • If your portfolio has more equity funds, you should opt for a debt-oriented balanced fund. This step will balance the profile for your betterment!
  • Similarly, if your existing portfolio reflects your inclination towards debt funds, you should go for equity-oriented balanced funds.

Helps Resist The Downturns

Market turmoil does not affect the equity and debt funds equally. If the equity investment faces the heat of such unforeseen events, the debt share of your balanced fund will balance the impact to a great extent. This resistance is extremely important if you do not wish to suffer unbearable loss in the market.

Efficient Dynamic Management

The dynamics of both equity and debt investments change considerably for numerous reasons. Balanced mutual funds help in the efficient management of these ever-changing dynamics. Fund managers can assess the best options available, keeping the interests of all investors in check. You must keep these facts in mind before investing.

Tactical Allocation of Assets

Tactical allocation means balancing the high-risk investments in equity funds with low-risk stakes in debt options. Also, fund managers have the option to use the gained profit from equity and transfer the proceeds to the debt. This way, balancing the profit and loss in both segments yields a satisfactory result.

Low Risks

If you put all your money in equity funds and the market goes dry for the same, your investment comes at stake. You might end up losing the entire amount or even more. This risk is comparatively very low in balanced mutual funds. Your entire investment is not put at risk.

Provides Tax Benefits

The tax benefits of balanced funds also give a reason to go for it. Managers can conveniently migrate between debt and equity without presenting you with any tax liability. But if you were to take this step as an investor, your capital gains would become taxable.


The balanced platter of mutual funds helps diversify the investment portfolio conveniently. Having this option in your investment profile will help in your growth as an investor. However, not every fund is beneficial and fruitful. You must know how to identify the most reliable option of all. Also, you need to understand which fund orientation will be profitable for you, the equity-oriented funds or the debt fund option. Whatever be your pick, you must verify all the required details before investing.

Balanced mutual funds offer a smart investment option to investors who wish to take calculated risks. You can manage your portfolio without paying much attention to allocating your money wisely in different funds. Your task is to choose a reliable online platform to view and compare available options and pick the best one out!

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