7 Foods That are More Healthful, When You Make Them Yourself

7 Foods That are More Healthful, When You Make Them Yourself

Everybody is a part of race called health and fitness. They just want to look good in every which way. We all think if we eat fast food and work out regularly, then it is healthy for us and we can look fit. But that’s not true. It our habit to have lots of snacks in our day to day like specially at night or around 7 in the evening. Packed soups, Microwave popcorn, Sweet prepackaged yogurt is like everyone’s daily snack but its not necessary that they are healthy too. So, we think option is to eat just healthy and diet food but that’s not true, we can also enjoy our snack just by making everything at home.

Yes, making food at home can bring a lot of difference in your health chart. So, we are here to help you to know that what are the snacks that you can make at your home which are healthy and tasty at the same time.


Yogurt is favorite of all. Prepackaged yogurt is not the worst thing to eat. But it has sugar added in it. Large amount of sugar is definitely is not good for your health. So, just to experience your snack in a healthy way, you can make it at your home.

You can take fresh or frozen fruits and cut them properly. The more variety of fruits, the tastier it will be. You can have all the health products at very low prices by applying vitacost promocode too. Then mix it with the Greek yogurt and also you can add dash of vanilla flavor. If you can like a little sweet, you can put one sugar free cube in it.

2. SOUP:

Canned soups are one of the best and spicy snacks which is loved by all. But the hidden fact is, it is loaded with a big amount of sodium which is definitely not healthy. So, to avoid that we can prepare many types of delicious soups at home. It could with vegetarian, full of vegetables or non-vegetarian.

Just buy some vegetables, noodles, chicken pieces and add a little spice to your soup. Homemade soup will not only decrease the amount of sodium but also the spice and taste will be according to your taste. you can enjoy this amazing snack at home in winters and you are going to love it.


Sandwich is a go-to for almost everybody. Even there is a very famous character called joey in a series called F.R.I.E.N.D.S. who had a habit of eating different types of sandwiches all the time. In ready mate items there is a lot of cheese and frozen sausages which is not good for health.

So, be a master chef at home, buy all the items the needed to make a sandwich and make it simple and crispy. Also, you can add a slice of low-fat cheese to have a good taste and to increase the amount of calcium and protein.


Granola is a bar that are being taken from the stores all the time by everyone. By the name, it sounds very healthy but that’s not true, its full of added sugar, fats and oils.

It is very easy to make this bar at home. Even a novice cook can make such snack at home. You can decrease the bad ingredients by making it at your place. Also, can increase the amount of fiber, protein and many vitamins and minerals.


Chicken is one of the favorite ingredients of all. It is preferred and shopped the most from all the stores. Baked or grilled packed chicken is a stress buster for many. But it so n healthy. It consists of lots of sodium and oil which can harm your body.

Chicken is an ingredient that can be used in any kind of food and can also be eaten separately. You can grill it at your home and can add a little spice and lemon on it. And you are good to go. There are many other dishes that can be made at home which is very healthy and full of protein by chicken.


Microwave popcorn are on the go for almost everybody. Whether they are watching a movie, partying or even studying. It is a kind of snack which is loved and preferred by all. But if we talk about microwave popcorn, they are not as healthy as they sound. They have sodium and an added amount of butter in it which can harm you.

So, now make your own popcorn at home in an air popper. You will end up reducing sodium. Don’t add butter in it but for the taste you can sprinkle a little salt in it for some good taste. You can give a healthy treat to all the parties and movies without using microwave.


Chips are in the hands of every other teenager. It’s a on going snack which never failed our snack time wants. It is made up of potato. Sounds healthy? But no, its not. It has sodium, oil and not at all nutritious.

Now as we all love chips, lets know how to make it at home. You can cut the potato in a triangle shape firstly. Wash them well and put it in an air fryer. It a device that can fry with the help of hot air rather than oil. It is very healthy and pull of all the vitamins and minerals now. You can also add spice to it and a hot pepper sauce. This is also be made by person who never entered kitchen in his life. Its that easy.

It is a myth that snack time is fast food time and it can’t be healthy and also that cooking is difficult. It’s a cup of tea of all. You should just know how and what exactly to make. And your dish is ready to serve. One of those items are mentioned above. Go and try them and see how healthy and tasty you will feel at the same time. Buy the ingredients properly by checking that they are fat and sugar free.

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