6 Ways to Get the Most Conversions From Your Landing Page

6 Ways to Get the Most Conversions From Your Landing Page

When it comes to setting up an ecommerce website, most web owners often assume that the moment it is set up, traffic would roll right up along with sales. It is not as simple as that; you need to pick out a theme to set up your website and preferably one that is compatible to third party plugins so that you can provide your users with advanced functionality and a better user experience. But incoming traffic is just part of the equation and as your prospective customers land on your landing page, you may have to implement some of the tips posted below, to boost your conversion rate. So, check them out,

  • Call to action: when it comes to your website, you need t opt for a good, landing page WordPress theme and get your website set up from scratch. But remember, that as far as your landing page goes, it needs to come with an effective call to action or CTA messaging. Often, most landing pages hopelessly confuse other online users with multiple offers. Just rethink about your current campaign goals and design your landing page accordingly with an effective CTA.
  • Simple headlines have more impact: If you want to convert the prospective leads to actual customers, then you need to do a lot more than select an effective landing page WordPress theme. You need to develop content that’s short, to the point and comes with an eye catching headline, that’s short and to the point. Remember, that most online users have short attention span and chances are that they won’t stay online for more than a few seconds. That’s all the time that you would have to make a favorable impact and you need to ensure that your content along with the headlines is interesting enough. This should help boost the conversion rate of your landing page.
  • Compelling text: it is no longer enough to just install a Parallax WordPress theme; if you want your website to attract decent traffic and to help convert those potential customers to actual ones – you may want to post text that’s compelling enough on your landing page. This should be interesting enough to engage other users as they land on your landing page, so much so that they would want to learn more about the product and other relevant information. This should also help boost your landing page’s conversion rate.
  • Use images: While utilizing compelling text on your website and especially on your landing page is a good idea, which alone may not be enough. Recent studies have indicated that online users are twice as likely to be impacted by high resolution pictures as well as media files. And that is why you may want t use the same along with your products. By using these high resolution images of your product along with videos that showcase the same, you should be able to generate user interest. And as the users click on the respective product image/ video, they would be taken to the product page, which should help list out all the relevant details.
  • CTAs: You need to ensure that your landing page comes with effective call to action, one that encourages the user to purchase the same.
  • Loading time: It is important that all the pages of your website come with optima speed. You can use cache pluigns and make sure that your web pages do not load slowly or come with a lag time since it can cause most online users to walk away.

These are some of the ways by which you should be able to boost the conversion rate of your landing page.

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