6 SEO Checklist That Affects Your Website Google Rank

6 SEO Checklist That Affects Your Website Google Rank

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a primary system of increasing quality traffic for your website through the organic search engine results of Google. SEO checklist improves website Google rank when a term related to your industry is searched; thus, this increases your business visibility. Similarly, this enhances the opportunities to convert visitors into loyal customers and increase revenue for business growth.

SEO Checklist that Affects your Website Google Rank

Branding services suggest that to increase website Google rank, you require an SEO checklist to leverage your website's visibility. However, the terms and the requirements of SEO constantly changes. That's why entrepreneurs must keep tabs on the latest developments.

According to the report, well-optimized sites have a higher rate of traffic, which indirectly increases sales and leads. Web developers and designers believe that SEO is a fundamental element that helps the audience reach and finds your site. Here is the list of 6 primary and basic SEO checklist that affect website Google rank:

  1. Page speed

Google claims that page speed is a primary SEO checklist element that directly impacts website Google rank. Google's sole objective is to provide a great user experience to the audience, and it's only possible by fast-loading web pages.

According to a survey, 51% of online shoppers in the US state that site slowness is the top reason they move to another site. And 46% of users will never use a poorly performing website again. That’s why page speed is the first concern of web developers to build a well-constructed website according to branding service.

  1. Mobile-friendliness

Mobile-friendliness is a major SEO checklist factor that impacts search engine results. As 85% of consumers use smartphones actively, this changes the business dynamics. According to reports, people tend to use mobile phones for accessing web pages. That's why Google draws results from mobile-optimized sites first. Remember to look out for these things to enhance the user experience for mobile-optimized sites:

  • Typography for the readability on the small screen

  • Responsive site that resizes to fit on the device.

  • Accessible features for navigation

  1. Domain age, URL, and authority

According to surveys and reports, it's been proved that domain age and URL play a major role in the SEO checklist. The domain age metric is one of the ways that affect website Google rank. For example, if your domain age has been around 10 years, you have a great benefit to rank higher as you will find backlinks profile.

  1. Optimized content

Quality content is the best SEO strategy that affects the website Google rank. As relevant and meaningful content has a higher tendency to generate backlinks. High-quality backlinks from authorized websites indicate to Google that websites serve a better user experience. Moreover, content with keywords also increases the rate of ranking higher in Google search engine results.

  1. Google analytics tools

Google analytics tools are also known as SEO analytics tools that evaluate the value of SEO for the business. It is an essential aspect of the SEO checklist as it indicates the performance of the websites, such as its potential generating traffic, highlights weak elements, and provides valuable suggestions to improve SEO practice.

  1. Page experience

Page experience is an integral part of the SEO checklist announced by Google as a new ranking element in 2021. It aims to measure user experience about interacting with a website page. Google estimates the user experience for every URL of the site and utilizes that information to rank in Google search results for the URL.

Page experience is a fundamental necessity for a website because it gives higher ranks in Google search results. Moreover, the competition is tough, and an excellent page experience provides visibility to your content.


Search Engine Optimization is an essential aspect of the business growth and revenue. This 6 valuable SEO checklist will be a great start to improve the site's optimization and rank higher in the Google search engine.

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